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Samilam, No! You are NOT stupid.I am seriously doubting that just all of the sudden,their distributor decided to "drop" this drug.But if for some reason they did,i am thinking that since walmart has a certain squeeky clean image to uphold, that there could have been a decision made to just all of the sudden drop it as having to have discussions with "addicts" about their drugs during the middle of the busy shopping day, just didn't go over well,you know? Even though no one else standing that close to overhear the conversation would even know that anything was up,if it hadn't been the way you were being treated.I am definitely behind your decision to contact a lawyer and also the district manager.What you need to do right now is write down everything that took place from the time you first dropped off the Rx,to when you picked up the last part of the script.Put down any names,dates, what was said,quotes are especially nice.And also just how long(if at all)it took the district manager to finally call you back.This helps create a timeline of events from the beginning to the end.Its good to get this all down on paper as soon as possible so you don't forget some really moronic and possibly discriminatory comment.You also need to write down just how,when all of these seperate incidents took place,that made you feel.If you actually do get to talk with the district manager, you need to have things in order so you don't come across as some kind of forgetful recovering addict.Scare the living crap out of that manager and demand an apology from the pharmacy staff or he can talk to your attorney,And then follow through on it.I think you have a very blatent(sp) case of discrimination here.The fact they treated you in such a horrible manner regarding the way your Rx was written(something that you have absolutely no control over)the way that you were talked down to,and the fact that they never contacted you regarding not being able to "suddenly"obtain your medication and especially the fact that they decided to treat you like a two year old by deciding to dole out your meds to you.If that order did not come from your Dr, i seriously doubt that they even had the right to do that.And the fact that you were just treated like some kind of second class citizen(that IS pretty much the legal definition of discrimination)gives you a pretty good case here.I think any attorney would just love to take this kind of a case on.You were treated like crap by their staff from day one.You were humiliated, your family was humiliated,you were yelled at and made to have to go through this whole nightmare just because of the medication you were taking.And the problems with running out of the meds had nothing to do with you, it was your Drs fault.And they are actually(at least)slightly negligent here by not contacting you regarding the availiability of your meds.This is a medication that has to be continuous or you could have very easily suffered a relapse.I seriously doubt that if "little grandma Jones"had this type of problem with her blood pressure meds that they would have handled it the same way, you know?As a matter of fact, this is really starting to piss ME off as I get further into this,I would actually just go ahead, even before you talk to the district manager about this,at the very least, contact an attorney and see what he/she thinks about this whole fiasco.Almost any attorney will do your initial consult for free to see if you actually really do have a case(I think that in this case, it is pretty obvious)I seriously doubt that walmart wants the bad publicity that could come out of this if it should go to court.They need to be taught a big lesson here.The way this whole episode unfolded is just so wrong.If you do happen to hear from the district manager,I would tell him/her,that you were tired of waiting around for them to call and that the next contact made to them will be by your attorney.If I remember correctly, Rosie is an attorney, maybe she could shed some light on this for you as far as whether or not you have a legitimate case of discrimination here.In my opinion, you do. Good luck with everything,and by all means, keep me posted! Marcia
I agree entirely. This is absurd!!! You have a case. You know what i think? I have a feeling that they DO carry this drug and they just didn't want to have to deal with you on it. I bet you money that as far as the entire company goes, they did not just stop carrying suboxone. I know it! And let me just say a couple of more things.... CVS has treated me in a way that was horrible too!!! I was being treated initially by this addiciton doctor and he had put me on the patch to take for a couple of weeks until the lortab and methadone got out of my system. Then, he wanted me to start suboxone (which is very weird but I did it)... Anyway, I had a written prescription from the doctor in my hand and the pharmacy wouldn't fill it and the man told me in front of my kids that 'you people are going to get us in trouble with these kinds of things, messing around with these narcotics'. I mean, he was yelling at me in front of my children. What made me the most upset is that here I was trying to get help for the first time from a doctor and this man was yelling at me!!! Can you imagine? I had a written prescription in MY HAND from the doctor and he wouldn't fill it because I had just had some filled about three days prior but that's what the doctor told me to do!!! It was the SAME doctor that wrote these prescriptions!!! It was horrible and now I never, ever get anything filled at CVS. I've heard another girl on here say the same thing about CVS. I now get my suboxone at Walgreen and never, ever have a problem. Because Suboxone is so rare, I do call ahead a few days and tell them I'm going to be getting it refilled or bringing a new script so they can order it. They've been nothing but nice (I think it's because they don't know what it is :-) ).. Anyway, I can relate to you so badly... Get an attorney and SUE! I bet once your attorney starts digging around, they actually DO have suboxone... they just chose not to order it. I just have a feeling. Could be wrong though!!!

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