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I'm reading these pharmacy stories, nodding my head in way too much agreement!! Do we all go to the same pharmacist?? ....The one who got her BS degree at the School of Sadism...and two years later, her MS at the Halls of Humiliation??? From all your similar stories..and my own... I can only think that this woman manages to rush from pharmacy to pharmacy to be certain that she is standing behind the counter, to call out "Nexxxxxt..." when we step forward on line to collect our pills!!! :D

In January, I braved the worst snowstorm of the season to collect my cousin's Rx. She is a long-time pain management client, having had all sorts of spinal fusion surgergies, knee operations, nerve name it...she's had it. Although her doctor tries varying medications to find the best for her, the one certain thing is that every month she leaves his office with a triplicate prescription pain killer. (By the way, she is blessed with a body that NEVER becomes addicted to ANYTHING she takes. She can come off morphine, oxys, Vicodins, etc. [I]overnight[/I]....with no sick withdrawals. Amazing!)

Anyway, the day before she needs the Rx (she leaves the Rx's with one of the pharmacists so they can order it ahead), she phones to say that I--her cousin--will pick it up tomorrow (Sunday) morning--and could they please prepare it in advance. Her very congenial pharmacist says "sure"--and then forgets to do it!!

So....I arrive at opening time, staggering into the store, on this frigid Arctic day, in a howling blizzard, dressed like an overstuffed Teletubby en route to challenge Captain Scott and his crew to a race 'round the Pole. Meantime, the Sunday pharmacist is very late--and half an hour later moves slowly and imperiously towards her computer--behaving more like it's her coronation that is about to start! Even at that point...I just KNEW there was going to be a problem...and there was.

Very snippily, she says "there is absolute no record of your cousin's Rx. "That's impossible", I say, "she handed it to her usual pharmacist three days ago...and then phoned her last night." This woman stares at me over the computer...and I can practically see her nose wrinkling in disgust at this drug addict stopping by, demanding her fix!!

Not to go into all the details...but within five minutes, she: ....reads my cousin's records incorrectly, claiming that she was in three days before and picked up that same Rx I'm ansking for. (It wasn't the was the breakthrough pills.) .....That I have no right to pick up any pills for her--that no matter how incapacitated my cousin's her responsibility to get in there. ....that I am lying and that she will NOT look around the pharmacy back room to check if the Rx was left there. (It was.) And when I told her, there's a real problem here...she answers "there certainly is...there IS no Rx..and that the problem is ME....(and would I let the next person get to the counter.) ...And, as a parting note, she adds that she is going to put in in my cousin's records that there had been an attempt to get these drugs and that the two of us should be regarded as suspicious.)

At that point I realized she was nutty as a fruitcake...there was just no point in continuing this crazed and surreal "discussion" I phoned my poor cousin, who was hysterical that they had lost her her pain med Rx. After numerous calls to her doctor and to the pharmacy (an assistant she knew came on the phone), it was finally determined that her usual pharmacist, who was not in until the next morning, must have put it in a drawer for safekeeping. And that's exactly what had happened.

Next morning...when I went in to collect the pills and to lodge a complaint against this woman..I had to wait my turn. Ahead of me was this man, absolutely shaking with rage, demanding the name of the pharmacist on duty the day before...the one who refused to give him his wife's asthma medication, even though she was having an attack....because this pharmacist had noted some problem with the insurance records...and "that was THAT!" And then...later that day....when I told my sister about the incident and described the woman (conspicuous because of her very English accent)--she said "oh, no.....I don't believe this...that woman was the same one who refused to give me MY medication, saying "it was too early"--which it was not!) This pharmacist had obviously had so many complaints that the drugstore chain switched her to a near-by branch--so she could torture new victims.

This incident was at one of the one-a-block locations of our poorly run pharmacy chain....Duane Reade....which has eaten up all the independent pharmacies like hungry locusts. You have to really hunt to find a smaller, more personal store. Without the former competition, we are at mercy of the many incompetent branches of this chain. At the time I was just fuming...for days! But, in retrospect...this woman was so undeniably crazy...that I had to laugh. Of course, I wasn't laughing at the time. And I have never gone back on a Sunday, again. My sincere wish is that she has been "committed"--I mean "relocated"-- :D to a nice branch of this chain store--preferably one with iron bars and padded walls!!!!

So--I empathize with all of you who have been "tried and sentenced" by your local pharmacist. :confused:


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