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To yinksy
Feb 22, 2004
You seem to be so ademate about how terrible benzos are and you are very badly mistaken. Yes some people(less than 5%) get addicted easily and do suffer from bad withdrawal symptoms even though they try to taper. Even the Ashton Manual you are quoting says that if you switch to valium and taper very gradually, you can do so with virtually no side effects. Myself and many of my friends presently take or took benzos in the past and have had no trouble quitting without very noticeable side effects. I tood xanax for a year maybe 4 or 5 days a week and 2-6 mg each day and quit cold turkey for a month. I had a little trouble sleeping at first but that went away after about a week. I also had a little anxiety but nothing worth even mentioning hardly. This went away in a couple days. My 4 friends who have taken benzos have had very similar experiences quitting. Again you are speaking for a small percentage of people and benzos are not bad if not terribly abused.

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