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I would NOT start back on hydros before going to the doctor. I would not take the Sub for depression alone. It's for chronic relapsers... If you can stay off of hydros, then all you have to do is find a good antidepressant and maybe go to NA/AA meetings. I really would not be a prisoner to suboxone if I didn't absolutely have to. It works for people who just cannot stop taking pills. I would NOT recommend it for depression alone. Christin, I know you are so desperate to find help, but I would use Suboxone as a last resort, simply because you do not want to be chained to this drug forever and that is something that I'm actually facing... forever on Sub. Another thing is, your addiction was pretty bad - 40 a day... I was only at 20 per day... that's the only reason why I think that you 'may' need it. However, there is an option to take it for a year or two... then SLOWLY wean off of it. You learn how to live your life without drug searching all of the time and definitely without the constant 'high'. I'm not saying don't do it... I just want you to really think long and hard about it. I'll be honest, it is a quick fix but in the long run, I'm concerned about what I will have to face if/when I come off of it. It's going to be tough... for sure! Please keep us posted, K? I do want you to get help soon... I just want you to make the best possible decision that you can.
Jeffie, I have the same feeling about those meetings, however, I have only been to 1 NA and a handful of AA. Most everyone, though, keeps telling me to give it another chance, go to 6 meetings before you make up your mind, yada yada yada. But how can we knock something that works for so many? I'm just not sure they are for me.

Husband is trying to get me into some kind of sliding fee scale inpatient thing about 2 hours away from here. He is a recovering alcoholic/addict, and he says his experience in the inpatient sorts of NA/AA meetings is much different than the ones here in town. Figure I will try that, then revisit the subox idea.

As for my progress, I took a bath yesterday, and have begun laundry and kitchen cleaning today. Very little, as the mess is very big, but I am trying to start. Convinced husband to let us go buy new mobile phones tonight, so am looking forward to that! Unsure of how long I can actually stand up without passing out, but going to put a frozen pizza in the oven in a bit and see if eating that helps my strength. Still dreaming of some phentermine pills though...

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