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Well, opiates ARE great for depression, no doubt about that! I was experiencing a great deal of turmoil when I tapered down to 8mgs sub from 48/day, got on Concerta, and it seems to have helped a lot in my situation. Am down to 2mgs sub/day now... Both Concerta and Suboxone are relatively expensive drugs though if you're paying cash for them. Dexedrine is a lot cheaper from what I understand, and methadone might be inexpensive in your area as well. Again, try as many natural approaches as you can first though. For instance, have you FORCED yourself to walk around the block, I mean, a good distance, every day? Drink LOTS of water, and at least a B & C vitamin? Plus flaxseed oil is good, but will take a few weeks to feel a difference from it. Seriously I understand that exercise can work WONDERS on your endorphin and adrenal systems!

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