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This WILL pass. Remember the other day how your children were so happy to have 'their mom back'? You do have a purpose, sweetie! Your purpose is to raise those amazing children and have a wonderful life. You are young, you will get through this. You've been through an enourmous amount of crap that honestly nobody should have to go through but unfortunately, it did happen. However, you are going to be the best role model for your children by showing them what all you have accomplished. They will know when they get bigger how amazing you are and how you fought addiction and WON! You will have good days and bad and you are just going through a rough time. You need to call your doctor immediately and tell them that you are extremely depressed and that your medication isn't working yet. Tell him you are in really bad shape and that you are worried about your current state of mind. He has to know, you have to get help. You cannot do this on your own. I'm glad you have the NA meetings and other support groups. Being sober is hard as hell, especially when you are dealing with reality and in your situation, reality is tough. However, you cannot stop living your life. Think about what your children have been through, as hard as it is, you've got to be strong for them and pick up the pieces. You are grieving as well as dealing w/addiction and I simply cannot imagine what it must feel like. However, I absolutely know that you are going to get better and you will be happy again. There is no doubt about it in my mind. Hope - you've GOT to call your doctor. You cannot do this alone. Even if it means going into a hospital for a short time and ensuring your meds get regulated, you must do it. Let me throw something by you, I was taking about 20 lortab 10s per day and just could not stop abusing pills. I got on something called Suboxone and it has saved my life. I don't even think about pills anymore. It's a narcotic, but you don't get a high from it. It clings to your receptors and your brain doesn't crave for drugs. In addition, I've heard it is being tested as an antidepressant. It's basically for people who chronically relapse but it may be something you need right now to keep you sober. In addition, I take Lexepro and xanax and the combination of the three drugs has been the key. I feel so normal and like my 'old self' that sometimes the addiction seems like a dream. Maybe you can mention this to your doctor and see what he says? If you get on it, you have to slowly taper from it because you will have wds. However, I have no plans of getting off of it and it has helped me so much w/my drug usage and my depression. The most important thing you need to know is there is something out there that will help you. You will not be depressed and miserable for the rest of your life. I promise you on that! Please call your doctor and see if it's been long enough for the Paxil or if you should go ahead and change. Ask him about Suboxone (If he knows your an addict) and just get his opinion. It wouldn't hurt. If he doesn't know you are an addict, you can go to the Suboxone website and look up what docs in your area prescribe it. It has eliminated my depression and turned my life completely around. Please Hope - don't give up. You know your husband is up there trying to encourage you and standing my your side... you just can't feel it yet but you will. Don't give up and go to your doctor! Please, for your children, your husband, your family and for everyone that loves you! You WILL get through this!

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