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Hey guys - I just wanted to say I miss you both too. Kinda - I SO hope you are still drug free. I was so proud of you for doing that and I don't think I ever told you how MUCH I was proud of you. You went through hell with the pain pills and then the benzos. But you are (I hope you still are) doing so well. I know you've been an inspiration for alot of people.

Yinsky - well, you know I miss you and I hope you come back so soon!!!!
I've been trying to diet to get rid of the weight that the lortabs and the suboxone has made me put on. It's so hard. I've never dieted in my life. Whenever I got 10 lbs heavier, I would just go a couple of days without eating and then my stomach would shrink and then I wouldn't eat so much after that. I've never had to watch what I eat. I cannot believe I'm doing it. I've been eating protein bars for the energy and the fiber since the suboxone also makes it to where it is REALLY rare to have a 'bathroom experience'... if you know what i mean. So... protein bars and lots of high fiber cereal... but I'm extremely impatient and I haven't lost ANYTHING. I just don't understand because I was binge eating before and now i'm doing so well and it's just not coming off. My counselor (who also does tons of seminars on healthy eating) says that she feels like any day it's going to start falling off because of the drastic change in eating habits but it's just not. I'm starting to get frustrated because have you ever really tasted a protein bar? Please hurry back, both of you!!! Oh, did I mention that i'm not exercising? It's not part of my vocabulary... I can't do it! Take care and I miss you both!!!

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