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Re: Question
Mar 1, 2004
[QUOTE=injured betty]There are several ways to quit, cold turkey if you have someone to help you and to stay with you. It really is as bad as they make it out to be on tv. I have done it with Seconal. They told me that Seconal was worse than heroin in the sense of withdrawls. I think that at one point I would have sold my first born child for the drug to stop the pain. However, that is the quickest way if you have someone strong to help you through it.

You can also do it with switiching drugs. I once switched to Valium from Xanax to get off of that but still could not sleep so went back.

Tapering down is not easy but it depends on how you do it. I do it by cutting down one mg a week on the Xanax. My husband did the narcotics cold turkey. I know that you can't do that with my drug of choice, benzodiazipines as you will go into a seizure.
There are drugs available to help you through.

If you have no time limits on when you want to get off of the meds do it slowly. Each time just take less and less. Your body builds up the meds in your system so you have to keep taking them at the same time each day, just less and less.

Then there is the *flush*, depending on your insurance coverage. You can go into a hospital and they can give you an entire body flush and it will take all of the drugs out at once. It is a relatively new procedure. However, you walk away clean, no physical addiction.

The problem with all of this is that you have to have some sort of support system in place to take care of the emotional addiction. Even if your body no longer craves the drug your mind will. I am not sure that one ever gets over that. I think that is why they call it "One Day At A Time".

My husband can't look at a pain pill without wanting one. He has been like this for years even though he has been clean for years. We know how bad addiction is so when he has any pain at all we tell the doctor no. The withdrawl is not worth the pain relief. Even with two herniated disks in his neck right now he is not taking them and I am so proud of him.

The doctors are so quick to prescribe pain meds after someone ruled that no one should be in pain. I was given 125 Percocet for a five day prescription. I didn't even fill it as I knew that I am an addict. More power to those who can take them and then walk away.[/QUOTE]thanks betty,she did good today,she cut 1 off each dose,and if that is too fast I told her to do 1/2. I never went c/t so I couldn't imagine.well anyway I finally got in touch with an old friend from another board who has not been on in a long time,I trust his judgement he said she would be uncomfortable if she went c/t but could do it giving her amount is not that extreme he has seen worse, me too,me lol. But at 6 she would be fine,if she is in good health which she is,also he said at six she would be just prolonging it,he said people have tapered down to that amount and then got off,after months of tapering,so she will taper for a week then make the jump,we will see,I can't make the jump at 4 lol. I will let ya know.thanks everyone huppy

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