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Re: Time to quit
Mar 2, 2004
Hello, I just wanted you to know, that you aren't going through anything that almost everybody on this board has gone through, probably a million times before. There is no easy way to detox. If there was, nobody would be addicted. We would simply stop taking the pills when we didn't have them and start when we did. I think you will find that very few people on this board continue to take paim meds because they are getting a "buzz". Most people, myself included, started taking them in the beginning to get that "buzz", quickly our bodies became addicted and we had to take more and more to try and get that buzz. Eventually, at least for myself, I only took them to keep from going into withdrawal. I went through this for 5 years. Last weekend I found an old check book register. I used to write checks to the guy that I bought my pills from, anyway, I could not believe how much money I was spending on those things. And that was just the checks, who knows how much cash I spent. Probably about $200 per week and I am not rich. I am a single mom that receives no child support. It almost bankrupted me. Last March, I found Suboxone. It has been a miracle drug for me. Not only has it worked for my chronic depression but I have had literally no withdraw. You will find different views on suboxone, but for me it has literally changed my life. I am 37 years old and for 36 years I never went 1 day of my life without depression. I have tried all kinds of anti-depression drugs and nothing worked for me. Suboxone has. It doesn't give you any kind of buzz whatsoever. I just feel "normal" Also, you must be VERY careful with oxycontin. My husband overdosed on oxycontine last March 17 and died. He had taken about 150 mg of oxy and vicodens. He went to sleep and never woke up. He was only 30 years old and had everything to live for. Please be careful and know that there is no easy way to get off these pills. You have to plan ahead for the withdrawal. Even the taper that you have set is not long enough to really help. Getting off that oxycontin is the hardest one. Becareful with the pills and what you mix. You never know when a cocktail that you have taken a million times before, kills you the next. That's what happened to my Shane. Drink lots of water, get some benedryl to help you sleep, immodium for the diarreha (sp) and rent some movies. Try to force yourself to take walks. Hang in there and let us know how you are doing........

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