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Hello Rosie

Long time no speak?

Boy - have u been busy while I have been otherwise engaged!
I have been trying to catch up with your posting and its wonderful to watch your progress! You probably dont even realise how much you have progressed............. When I first came in here you were just pill popping and talking in a wishy washy way about stopping....... but always tomorrow.......... Now you are focused, you have great insight, you now recognise your addiction in all its glory (including those aspects.......... the family illness, your husband being sick and being in denial........refusing to even think of AlAnon.......... getting support and help from AA/NA). You now know you have to stop - no if now? Just when?
I think that Kinda, Lisa and Banker all give such sage advice. (IMO!) For me - going detox a la Kinda would hold such attraction....... to be free in 5 - 7 days would be overwhelmingly attractive to me. I did not have this luxury with benzo taper. Your domestic arrangements? They can be organised! If there was a medical emergency and you were rushed into hospital for a week - then your household incl hubbie/kids/cats would all survive! Even mothers are not indispensible!!
So too Lisa makes a valid point...... how do YOU best want to manage your withdrawal?
Banker hits on what I suspect is a very sensitive spot - fear? I dont think that detox or c/t is going to be half as bad as you have decided in your own mind! Dont be afraid Rosie! Look at what Banker tells you - and she managed with 3 young children and a full time job - survived to tell her tale. Lisa has a young family..... I too have 4 kids (altho much older now than yours) - and a busy household and job - survived too...... Kinda too has a responsible job and family............ another survivor. (even if he does now think he is Cock o' the North! I blame his hypno-therapist! LOL)
(And many many others in here too)
All 4 of us have all done it differently but all arrived safely at our goals - to be drug free. For sure - if we could do it - then you can - and you have 4 people (and many more) in here who will all support you no matter what you chose to do!
Aint you lucky to have 4 pals like us? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL The Four Muskateers??
We have all been where you are just now - in hell with drugs - and we know what is waiting for you on the other side - its so good - cant put it into words - but it awaits you just whenever you decide to leap. So - the sooner the better? .......... what have you got to lose? But can you just imagine what you have to gain? Your very life.

Aw, cmon Rosie - have a chuckle........... its not that bad?
As Banker says............. time now to get off? Time to just do it? Its that simple.

Love you, kiddo!

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