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[QUOTE=Hope12]Legend-Definitely try for another doctor. That is the inpression I got, that she seemed really uninterested in your situation and just prescribed and antidepressant for your depression and got you out of the office.OR, you can go back to her, and pretty much let her know that Hey, she has to listen to you and your concerns and if not, can she refer you to someone who has more experience in dealing with your situation.Usually here (in the US) the Dr. will give you a prescription for the scan,and you have to call the hospital or facility and make an appointment.This doesn't have to be an emergency, but to me it sounds necessary because of the amount of X you were taking and the symptoms you describe.But I DO think you might need a little more than just an antidepressant right now,and you need a doctor who will listen.Benzo's on a very short term plan(They are addicting and one of the worst things to have to detox off of)like Valium or xanax for the first week or two to help even you out and get a grip on some things, and there are some other things that can help, it depends on the symptoms you are experiencing.A psychiatrist isn't a bad idea, I think they would have a little bit better picture on how to treat you medically and also offer other therapeutic tools(counseling,etc.),because obviously(and like most of us) you were using these drugs to push away reality or other issues in your life.The problem with that is, when you come off the drugs, the reality/problems are still there waiting for us, but now we lack the coping skills to deal with it all.Our first response to problems was to grab for the pills or the joint or the bottle.So right now, in the early stages, reality sucks,but it slowly does get better.You are the captain of your own ship right now, this is your health and future at stake.Don't be afraid to take control and be HONEST HONEST HONEST with your doctors.After all these years of trying to retain some pride and at the risk of making myself look like a complete failure in the eyes of so many people including colleagues who thought I was on top of the world,I had to forget about all that and lay it all down to a COUPLE of doctors that I knew in order to save my life.My life is much more important than pride, you can't have one without the other.So don't be afraid to do WHATEVER it takes to get yourself well. Read, search the internet, educate yourself about the drugs you were taking and the long term effects it can have on your body,and take what you learn into your doctor and ask questions.You've been smart enough and tough enough to recognize a problem and take the very important first steps to get yourself help.Don't stop,buckle yourself in for the rocky ride of recovery, and keep going.I am sending you strength and courage in my prayers. Keep me posted. I'll answer anything I can, or let you know where you can find an answer.Keep on keepin on.....[/QUOTE]

Your making so much sense, thank you

I have made an appointment with a Specialist in all areas, but it's 5 weeks time, He deals with drugs too, i'll tell him everything, i have much more confidence in him because i have much more confidence in his abilities since he's a specialist

I know it may be small and pety but i'm very paranoid nowadays, even me seeing little glittering flashes on blank walls scares me, it's so hard to explain but things look like it did while i was on drugs, when i look at a blank white wall i don't see a blank white wall but i see little glittering colours on it too, i'm so scraed something is wrong with my brain, i just wish i could turn back the hands of time, i'm trying to be as strong as i can but some days it's so hard, i hate myself for getting involved with Extacy but proud that it's been 7 months i've been off it and also exactly 1 week off pot :), it's hard but im very determined

I appreciate all your comments so much and just wish I lived in the US, the health service seems so much realible over there

I will continue to tell you how i'm reacting to Fleuxotine and once again all your comments are so so much appreciated

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