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Meredith!! You said you haven't been feeling well lately, what's wrong???I hope nothing serious?? Or am I gonna have to start REALLY whining to drag you out of your shell???I almost jumped head first into the pity pot a few times these past couple of weeks, remembered your post, thought better of it(lol).It definitely has had lasting effects on me!!!But anyway, a question ,for anyone.Anybody had a better experience on different antidepressants than Paxil??I want to get off of it soon, and switch to something else, not looking forward to another round of withdrawal, especially from something that doesn't seem to have done a whole lot for me.Almost 30 days clean now,(and so is Lisa,yeah!),but still having anxiety bouts and some pretty heavy depression at times.Oh well, I better go do some of those life things that I've been avoiding,like call the electric co. before they make make me buy shares in a candle company and call the phone co. before being online becomes a distant memory....I don't know why I procrastinate so much and always wait till the last minute....another one of those annoying character flaws that for some reason seems to drive my family insane... :jester: Also, I think I need to walk my dog, he seems to be pretty sad lately...can you give Paxil to dogs??? No, jus kiddin.Not to mention the amount of cleaning I need to do to my house, but since we're all suffering from post traumatic stress disorder since the last time I cleaned( I scrubbed walls, did my floors on my hands and knees, was for the first time not afraid to turn on the BIG kitchen light afterwards...)I thought I'd give us all some time to recover.Omigod, I do NOT want to call the electric company!!!Has anyone ever been able to keep their lights on with no money???"Because I went shopping" doesn't appear to be a good excuse for not being able to pay the bill to these people,they have NO sense of humor.Any other good excuses???See, I'm procrastinating again... ;)

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