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Hey Heather,

I just posted to you on your other thread...

Here goes about the sub (subutex or suboxene) is a fairly new drug that is being used to treat opiate or heroin addicts. Only certain doctors can prescribe this and are allowed a certain number of patients at a time.

You can go two routes with the sub- a detox type route where you would use it for only a couple of weeks and then manage on your own or however you see fit (meetings, therapy, etc) after this time span is up OR use it as a maintenance drug until you feel capable of staying off of opiates. Some people have accepted that they will be on it for life and are happy with that decision. Others, like myself, would like to come off of it one day. In fact, I have already tried but failed. You do experience withdrawals (since it is an opiate) but they are not as intense as hydro withdrawals. The worst thing about sub withdrawals is the is a killer! That is why I had to get back on was either that or I would have probably ended up using again just to function. (I have a 5, 4, and 1 year old to take care of full time!) Eventually, I will, well, I really already am on a VERY SLOW taper with this...I think that is what I did wrong last time...quit way too fast.

The sub is very expensive- thirty tablets were $175 at my local pharmacy. They were 8mg tablets...most people take 12-16mgs a day. I only take 4mgs. Not to mention the doctor's fee...mine charged $500 just to see him one time and follow up with a couple of drug test and phone calls. :eek: Did I recall you saying you didn't have insurance?

Is it feesable to taper or go cold turkey at home...maybe with the aid of some meds to get you through the first week or so? Most people on this board have taken that route, or should I say alot of people have that route.

Hope that answered some of you questions. Fire away if you have any more,
Michelle :)

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