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I am needed advice from anyone who has experience with adderall amphetamine addiction withdraw.

I was physically sick for years 7 or 8 maybe more I had lyme disease.

It affected my nervous system and body and mind.

I was sooooo tired all the time and felt as if I could not think, concentrate could not get motivated to do anything.

I was put on adderall 20mg x3 a day. It was a soooo wonderful at first, but as time past it did not do much but seemed to make me a wreck, I could not sleep at times headachs, soo jumpy in everyway, extreme anger crying spells and could not stop once i started, depressed mood swings so extreme, and then about 2 years into being on it i started to see windows of being paranoid mostly against my husband, i have three children 14, 16 and 20 and am home. I started asking constantly questions of my husband and thought someone was moving furniture and not putting it back molding, felt like i was being tricked by my husband.

It got so bad that it was a war zone in my home and effected everyone in my family, about a year and half ago I thought people in cars were following me I would look at anything in my home and think I saw little writing on wood, I thought my husband was hiding altering my clothing it was such a hell, the stress was beyond what anyone could handle.

I ended up seeing a shrink and he upped my adderall and put me on respidal and serequoul which worked sooo minimally.

this past sept oct my blood pressure was skyrocketing 188 over 110 my heart would jump and race alot I thought I was going crazy and going to die.

In oct I met a doctor that said you are not paranoid schizophrenic but I was acting that way because of the adderall that I was addicted to it and it was destroying me.

He put me into intensive care for a couple of days and then reg. hospital room, I can remember waking up i slept soooo much while there.

I am struggling soooo much with feeling depressed and hopeless. my doctor is great he is a very caring doctor. he is not big on medicine to say the least he is a reg doct internist and do and a addiction specialist he has me on 10 mg. of lexapro and blood pressure meds which my blood pressure is still crazy at times and recently buspar 2 weeks 15 mg morning and 15 in the afternoon.

I feel like I am drowning all I feel like doing is sitting and doing basically nothing no modivation. my family has been through so much I am soo frustrated I want so much to be normal it is weird sometimes I feel guilty because I miss adderall but I know it is not the answer it is just I feel so tired all the time I could go to sleep at 10;30 at night and set my alarm for 7 i do not hear it it just rings and if no one wakes me up I could sleep until 1 or 2.

My doctor says it will take 12 to 24 months for my body to adjust and I have to be patient sorry for venting

I just feel like there is no one who understands I know it is not there fault but it is such a lonley existence.

please help.... laurie
sorry i dont know if i am replying the right way,

I have been on lexapro since i was in intensive care, he had me at 20mg. I was so depressed even then and I see him weekly for about an hour.

He then told me that he thought the lexapro was not doing anything and that he wanted me to stop it and start buspar, 15 mg 3x daily, I asked my pharmacist about buspar and that dose she said that was high and that she would start out slowly because it could make me tired at first so i took her advice. I tried to stop the lexapro but stopping it made me almost sick physically dizzy tired yuk. so he said to take one 10mg.

I dont know if the buspars doing anything maybe.

but I know he is not big on medicine at all

I have been on so many ad zoloft effexsor paxil celexa serzone I know there has been more.

before adderall i had a problem with being depressed but not like this.

i know what your saying about exercise but Lord is it hard to get motivated i dont understand it once I start i am fine

years ago i used to run every day in the field at the end of the street and boy did i love it, i know this may sound weird but it was like a runners high, well it also gave me lymes disease and two co infections that the tick had babesia and bartonella nasty stuff.

anyway my husband bought me a top of the line treadmill incline everything well it has been probably 2 or 3 years and i have maybe been on 5 or six times.

then last year around feb or march in our town they opened a exercise place called curves he joined me up for a year I have not been there once I really need to go down and talk to the owner.

life can stink If it was not for my family and God I dont know if I would still be here it is so hard I wish there was a support group for people who go through this i know people have said na but i feel so weird it is not like i knocked down granny to get drugs.

I was given a prescription that i picked up from a medical doctor that i trusted so much for that.

thank you all you have been helpful. laurie

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