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I actually hate Xanax, I used to use it all the time, cause it makes me feel gross now. Course I imagine with no tolerance ot it now it would put me to sleep. I tried NyQuil and it just made me feel tired and still could not sleep. I really do feel amazingly better tho, it is really gonna hurt me if it relapses. I cant tell you how much it has helped to talk to you today. Really makes the time go bye alot faster.
Ok, still in day 3 and feeling pretty good. Mostly just tired, body aches and weak. Lot of metal tiredness for sure. Felt good enough to go help my mom move a ton of heay boxes (excercise is checked off) and to go shopping and get my wife a rose, some sleepinol, and nicotine patches (one more addiction that needs knocking out). Guess I will try sleepinol and NyQuil tonight for some zzzzz's. At least I wont have a hangover...just the taste of green death flavored NyQuil in the morning.
Thanks Rosie, and you are more than welcome to butt in on my thread. =) I did get some sleep! I went to bed about 12:00 and got up at 8:00. Of course it was with the aid of NyQuil and Sleepinol, but it was better than nothing. I wish you nothing but success on your attempt to quit as well!

Day 4 is here and I feel ok. Mainly all I am left with is lack of energy, sore legs and a general feeling of yuckiness. I dont really feel like doing much, but I am spending time with my family around the house. I think I will take it easy one more day before I really test my limits.

My big problem now is, I have a dentist appointment soon and it is for a root canal. I will have to take medicine afterwards for a day or 2 (of course as perscribed and I will give them to my wife to give to me) but I am scared that even that will make this start all over again. My tooth does hurt, but i could reschedule if I had too. Do you guys think that taking small doses 5 or 6 hours apart for a day or so could send me right back to square one when I stop? It is some truly bad timing.

BTW, I am not quitting smoking yet, I am waiting to be done with this first. However I will be doing it right after. Should seem like a walk in the park.
Ok, in 4th day of no pills or almost 5th day from last dose. Feel good. Mainly just my legs a little sore, little weak and treatable insomnia. I got 8 hours last night with sleepinol and NyQuil. Still scared about the wisdom teeth pulling and that is causing the only anxiety I have. Scared that it is too close to recovery day. Afraid that demerol drip will cause withdraws all over again when it wears off. Could you imagine withdraws right after a tooth pulling? Even if I did not take the pain pills they gave me (properly) or tried Vioxx, I dont see how I can get out of the IV. The teeth are badly damaged and have to be cut out.
thanks tim, i may try the tyl pm, my girlfriend got me some nyquil nightime, i am going to try that tonight, i hope i can sleep a little bit anyway, if that dont work, i will try tyl pm, thanks for the info once again.

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