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Perfect timing, huh, as I just sat down to the computer!

I will be completely honest with you about the sub (and mind you, this is only MY opinion). I think the sub is a little bit like a double edged has good points and bad points. Let's start off with the good. If you are a chronic relapser and you know you can't stop abusing and don't mind possibly using sub for lifetime maintenance, the sub is ideal for you. Now, you can plan on using the sub for several months and begin to taper with you feel strong but you get into withdrawals from the sub and that qualifies in the list of bad points so we'll address that in a minute. Being on the sub versus the hydros is good because you are not destroying your liver, you are not obtaining hydros through doctor shopping, online op's, buying off the street, etc. (not sure how you obtain your meds) so you don't have to constantly worry if you have an adequate supply of pills. I would have to plan things around when my shipments (through online op's) of meds would come in and that is very sad! Being free of the "hold" the pills have on you is definatley a plus for the sub. The sub is also great with depression- if you suffer from any type of depression, there is another plus for the sub. For some people, they are no longer having to lie to friends and family about their addiction- the sub clears the conscience. Taking the sub versus the hydro's is no contest- the sub is the winner hands down.

Now, bad points about the sub. I never wanted to be on this for lifetime maintenance as I feel that is a trade off. I intended the sub to be a "stepping stone" to sobriety. Little did I know how very hard it was going to be getting off of the sub. I have tried twice to get off the sub and ended up having to go back on it because I could not handle the extreme lethargy and the "blahs." They always got the best of me- the lethargy is worse from trying to get off the sub than hydros! Spark can back me up on that one! Another problem for me, I have always craved on the sub and have actually "slipped" twice. (Most people do not do this though.) I believe I was too afraid to go to a higher dose for fear of becoming completely dependant on it therefore, I tried to just "get by" and craved constantly. That goes back to the idea of not wanting to be on this forever or for very long. I am currently on a very slow taper off the sub and will probably be off in two months. We will see how that goes.

You just have to decide how you want to handle sobriey- maintenance or not. Now, the sub is being used in a two week type detox. Where you take it only a couple of weeks and then "have at it" on your own. It somewhat gets you through the worst of the intense hydro withdrawal. That could be an option, but more than likely if you are seeing an addictionologist, he will not recommend this. That is suited more for a hospital detox type setting.

For people who need to just take some time and live clean for a good, long time, the sub is an ideal choice. For someone who just wanted to be on it a couple of months (like me) it wasn't a good choice (that was just long enough to get me dependant on it) because now, I am having a heck of a time coming off. Another poster, Spark, who was on the sub for a good while had a horrific time coming off of it and I wish he would post you! But, then on the other hand, alot of people on the board are on the sub and LOVE IT and they simply aren't worrying right now about coming off.

That will be the decision you have to make- how long do you want to be on the sub? Do you mind a lifetime maintenance or maintenance for a few months or years? Or were you hoping for a "quick fix." (I'll be honest, that is what I thought this was at first. You get on it for awhile...let your body get clean and your brain heal and you just get off with no problems...NOT!)

If I didn't answer something, holler back at me. Let me know what you decide to do and there are many others that may chime in with more advice,
Michelle :)

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