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Hi openlyaddicted!

I know the board seems confusing at first...I started on it for the 'Pain Management' subject when I had neck/back issues the summer of 2003, and then they completely changed the format a few months back, which I think is for the worst. Its too much info on each screen. I work in computer software test and eval, so I have a critical eye! My advice would be to spend some time just navigating the board, and using it, and you will catch on, promise!

Well, I guess I need to know what you want to do before offering help. I am in the process of tapering right now. Its not the first time, and although I asked for help here, I already knew what I needed to do. I just didn't have the will to quit, or the courage to take time off work.

If you take between 10-18 (I think you said) thats going to be a moderately miserable 5 days or so if you 'cold turkey.' I've done it before, and while its so so uncomfortable, the physical symptoms truly subside in a week, but the psychological problems continue (depression, feeling bored, tryin to figure out what to do with that time that you used to be high)....

I am tapering, and am down to 8 right now....dropping 1 every 4 days....I started at like 12 norcos (in case you don't know, norco is 10mg of hydro), and eating my duragesic patches (the gel inside is like pure morphine, and made me feel super). The duragesic was rough, rough, rough. I reccommend highly never getting yourself on that! But I was able to do it, and now I am at 8. So you can too!

Just keep talking and asking questions, and decide what plan you logically can work with (as far as self-control or work issues).

I'm here is you need me,


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