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Rock - thank you for expanding and giving your experience. Let me ask you something... I relate Suboxone to Methadone pretty closely, except w/Sub, I feel NO high whatsoever and I did when I would just take a 5 or 10 mg pill. In fact, to me a 10 mg pill was like taking 4 LONG lasting lortabs. I really liked it and wanted to get on it 'officially'. However, with three kids and a full time job and being single, there was just no way.

A friend of mine knew a doc that was giving him some for pain - one script every month so that's who I went to to try and go that route. Obviously, the doctor saw right through me and put me on Suboxone instead. I'm very happy he did since I needed to see things more clearly and get out of that 'drugged' world. I'm not downing meth, I'm just saying the Sub helps me be very clear minded and the meth didn't.. I felt still 'high' at times when I would take it. I could have abused it if given the opportunity.

Anyway, have you ever had to withdraw from meth? If so, what was it like? Have you ever known anyone to withdraw from meth and the same question, what was it like? I have a feeling the withdrawals from meth are going to be almost identical as Suboxone so I'm just wondering what I could be in for one of these days. I'm very scared but I'm doing so wonderfully on the Sub, I just don't see myself getting off of it anytime soon at all. But I'm sure I will have to eventually. Anyway, take care of yourself and you sould like you are doing great - I hope you are.

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