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for kysada

i am in a methadone maintenance treatment[MMT] program. the 15th will be 6 months to the day in the program for me.

calling a methadone clinic and getting an appointment and some information is a good idea to get started with. when you come in for the appointment it will probably be an interview getting the complete record of your drug addiction and usage history in order to determine if methadone is right for you. i say this last part because your level of addiction is mild relative to other cases. its possible the doctor wouldnt recommend you. i just wanted to give you forewarning that this is possible, to be "rejected" so to speak. methadone is a schedule II drug and [U]milligram for milligram is much stronger than Norco[/U][schedule III. which is less tightly controlled by govt. restrictions. for example, with Norco, refills can be added to a prescription. not so with methadone, you MUST see a doctor each time and get a new prescription].

our beautiful banker is right, you must visit each day to get your dose of methadone. take homes[TH] are available but not immediately in most cases. in my case im eligible for my 1st TH after 30 days, 2 after 90 days and 3 after 6 months. it is a slow process but worthwhile. there are other requirements for take home doses, one of which is having a clean urinalysis each month. they will test you for other illegal drugs every month. a positive test will prob get you an appointment with your counselor to talk about it but repeated positive tests will get you terminated from the program. another req. is going to at least one 12 step meeting like AA or Narcotics Anonymous.

these are just some things i thot you would find useful in making a decision to entering a MMT program. ill leave you with this last bit of information. methadone [B]requires an extended period of time to withdraw from[/B]. your dose would probably be about 30 milligrams if you were to enter a program. withdrawing from that amount would take 45 days at a normal withdrawal rate, usually reducing your dose by 2 milligrams every 3 days.

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