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Re: To Jerob
Mar 14, 2004
Yeah! I can't believe you went - that is just awesome!

My definition of an alchoholic is someone that cannot control their drinking. They either HAVE to drink on a daily basis or when the drink, they have 8 drinks instead of just one or two. I'm a little surprised that you say you aren't sure if you are one.

There are people called 'funtioning addicts' which means that the drug they are using doesn't 'mess up' their lives and you were one of those. You needed the drinking but you could restrain enough not to drink at work, etc.

What does your counselor say? I'm sure there has to be some technical definition. But don't you think that if you have to hide alchohol from yourself, you are having a difficult time not drinking and you are attending meetings that you pretty much ARE? I think you just don't want to admit it. But then again, you are doing all of the right things to avoid becoming a non functioning alchoholic. I don't know... Ask your counselor or maybe somebody else can chime in and give a definition.

Again, I think it is directly related to control. I believe addiction is when the drug/alchohol begins to control the person rather than the other way around. I think...

K - FREAKING OUT about flying this afternoon. I am in such denial about it I haven't even started packing. I haven't walked yesterday or today and I don't really want to. I'm frustrated because I have not lost ANY weight and I"ve been eating these crappy slim fast bars for over a week. But I CAN tell a small difference in how my clothes are fitting but the scale WILL NOT move. It's driving me nuts and I'm so NOT patient, I'm just about ready to give up. Well see how this week goes in Dallas - I'm going to have lots of free time so hopefully the gym will be my friend.

Please pray that you don't see a plane crash on the news between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. central time. I mean I'm serious, it's getting bad. The panick is unbelievable... I can't stay out of the bathroom because my stomach is in knots. I don't think I can make a go of it today. I haven't even started packing because I just don't want to think about it. I'm absolutely overwhelmed with fear. My boyfriend will be back over in a couple of hours and I'm hoping he can force me to put some clothes in a bad... I'm serious... IT's really bad.

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