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I think I had that exact converstaion years ago when I was attending NA meetings for the first time with a now ex of mine-he thought you go to the meeting, it ends an hour later, and that was it.I found that AFTER the meetings were the times to really bond with other members and share stories a little bit more in-depth and exchange phone numbers to start building up a support network.Actually, a lot of us would go out for coffee afterwards and end up talking into the wee hours of the morning.It can be frustrating for both sides, the recovering addict ,and as Mart knows, the spouse or significant other as well.Your sobriety IS number 1 right now,and things WILL work themselves out as long as you continue on the road to recovery.Mention before you go to your next meeting about what happens afterwards, and the importance of building a support network with other recovering addicts and see if you two can compromise,so your husband won't be upset if you come home an hour late.OR, maybe you can make arrangements so he can attend an open meeting with you one night so he knows exactly what goes on and can meet some of the other people.Anyway,vent all you need,and I wish you the best of luck!!I can see things have not been easy!!


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