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Yinsky - you are somewhat correct. If the goal of the patient is to detox, then you are correct but the Sub could potentially be taken every other day (because it is long acting) but it depends on the patient. I absolutely cannot take it every other day. I have to take the same amount each day about the same time each day. I would think that the best practice is to take it each day so that you do not have highs and lows while on the drug.

For detoxing purposes, they put the patient on sub and get them stable, i.e. not in withdrawals from hydros or whatever and then keep them on it for a period of time. Doctors differ in opinions, some say a month and then taper slowly... others say a week to just 'get over the rough part' of withdrawing from hydros.

For suboxone as a maintenance program, the doctor puts you on a dose and gets the patient stable and basically, you stay on the drug as long as you feel like you need to, which could be 2 years or for lifetime maintenance. Some doctors are in control of this and they tell YOU how long to stay on it (6 months to a year) but their website says they recommend a 2 year period for maintenance since you get no high from it at all, you learn how to live your life without being high. When you get off of it, you should be able to handle complete sobriety better than if you had to deal with both physical, mental wds and the simple habit of drug abuse.

Let me define stable, that means, you are not experiencing physical withdrawals and you are not craving pills all of the time. You may experience some craving, but not a lot at all. I believe I've told you that I've had them offered to me and I've had no problem whatsoever saying no thanks! I would say that if someone is not 'stable' on the pills, then they should try to take them every day or a higher dosage until that point can be reached. In addition, there are two different types of sub, Suboxone (which has naloxone in it which will block any other opiates you take) and Subutex which is just bupenephrine. If one is not working, the other drug should be tried. Most doctors do not prescribe Subutex unless there is a problem w/Suboxone. They use Subutex for initial induction and then switch over to Suboxone after the first few days. At least, that is what they should be doing. Like I said, with Subutex, one could be more tempted to take pills since they will feel a little bit of the high but with Suboxone, you just don't feel it therefore, at least with me, I'm less tempted to take anything since I know there is no point in it.

Does this answer your question at all? By the way, I miss talking with you. Are you doing well? I hope I helped....

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