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You won't need the clonidine for the whole 30 days, probably just 5-7.I took it 4x's a day for the first 3 days (at 9a,1p,5pand 9p)and then went to 3x's/dayfor the next 2 days,and then 2x/day for two more days,then stopped.But keep in mind, it would be a good idea to get your blood pressure checked fairly often while taking it, and if you're not able to do that, be aware of the side effects and signs that your blood pressure is dropping too low.Read the insert that comes with the med from the pharmacy.Also keep in mind that the schedule I was on was because I was coming off of 50 + pills/day.If2x/day doesn' t seem to be working for you, asked your doctor if you can add one more during the day.
Also,I'm curious.I also have nerve damage,a right brachial plexus injury.I was also going to be put on anti-seizure meds,but I'll tell you, since stopping the pills,my shoulder/arm and back injury I have don't seem to hurt as much!!So you might find you're actually in less pain than you were before!!Take care,and hang in there!!I'll answer any questions I can for you-I'm pulling for ya!!Keep me posted!!

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