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To answer the questions about clonidine-patch form takes a while to kick in(I can't remember how long exactly, but I it was put on me, but I had to take the pill form for the first 24 hours until it kicked in)otherwise, the pills are TINY,and they work pretty quickly(20-30 minutes after taking one.)Clonidine DOES help with withdrawal, but I would still ask for some Valium for the anxiety(just a couple days worth, no more).Clonidine,however, can have a profound effect on blood pressure, so Rachel, definitely discuss this with your doctor first, especially if you have low BP to begin with,and usually, you need your blood pressure monitored when your on this.
Kim, I just came off of taking around 50 Ultrams/day(with some vicodins thrown in for good measure)so I do know that the clonidine helps immensely.Good luck, let us know when your Dr. calls you back!!(even waiting 15 minutes can seem like an eternity when your waiting for that phone call, so hang in there!!!
Alright!!Clonidine AWAY!!!!First, 60 clonidines will be MORE than enough.Also, If it was me,(ummm, like it was just a little over a month ago)I would get rid of the Ultrams,and not continue to taper.Get rid of them!!(But that's me, I'm not your doctor).To me, I would just be prolonging the inevitable.When I went to both my doctors, I had to tell them what detox protocol was (i.e. which meds to use)and what the schedules were.They in turned looked things up to verify it, and I got what I needed.The only thing that concerns me is, even though the clonidine really helps, it doesn't take away ALL the withdrawal symptoms, mostly the high amount of anxiety you may feel. Usually, Valium is given for that for a couple of days,but otherwise, if you can handle it without any benzo's, so much the better!!!There are some herbs out there that I used to help with anxiety, but to get the ones that really do the job, you have to know what you're looking for, and some can be a little expensive.Let me know if you want that info,or if you are able to get any Valium's or other benzo for anxiety.Remember if you do though, benzo's are highly addictive and much much worse to detox from, so only get a few days supply.GOOD FOR YOU!!!Keep me posted,let me know how your doing!!!
Hugs and strength,Stacie
To everyone, I am taking 4-6 Ultrams (50s) a day. How do I know if this is a problem in terms of addiction? I take them for moderate pain and now need that amount (at least 4) to feel ok. I went through an unplanned withdrawal over this past weekend ('cause I missed my Saturday refill delivery) -- I didn't feel too bad because I had other drugs to help me until Monday afternoon. I know I am physically dependent, as I am to Xanax, but right now my only problem is with the price, it jumped up and I really need $s for other things . . . I guess I am just looking for general opinions on this drug.
What are you taking the Ultrams for??4-6/day is still withing the dosage guidelines,and of course if you take any drug like this for an extended period of time, your body is going to become physically dependant.It IS pretty expensive,at someplaces it's almost $2/pill,other places you can get the generic a whole lot cheaper.BUT, Ultrams ARE addicting,withdrawal is no easier from them than any other opiate.Not only that, the rising incidences of people having seizures on this drug is becoming dangerous.Just be careful!!!

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