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Re: Rosie's update
Mar 19, 2004
Hello Rosie

Good to hear of your progress. Everything you are saying makes complete sense to me! (Either we are both wise - or both totally insane!! LOL)

Delighted to hear that you are now down to 8 pills - your final detox is really not going to be so bad, you know. I really think you will be surprised. As to the methods of detox................ that's for you to decide and I cant comment.

Perhaps you should deal first with the opiates and leave the question of the klonopin for now? I dont know though? How much you have used and for how long? Perhaps your counsellors will advise everything at once if you have not used K very much? Always remembering that even 1 - 2 mg K = 20 - 40 mg valium - NOT a small amount. And K is very potent. But if you have only been using (and perhaps intermittently?) for a few weeks then maybe you will be able to taper a bit faster?
I see there are other people here now with benzo experience and knowledge - so hopefully they will help with the K question. And you really should do what Kinda did (if you havent already) and go and read what is on the benzo org site incl the Ashton Manual.

So - Rosie - things are looking really rosy? Sorry - couldnt resist! Keep plugging away at the reduction.......... and dont fear the final detox. It will be very liberating. You have in place now your meetings etc and so you wont come out of detox raw and just ready to pick up your habit again.

As to missing your children................... well - in truth Rosie the children have been missing their mother for some time now.................... you have been lost in your own chemical world........... they will have noticed - even if not consciously! So - its an investment for you to be away from them for a couple of weeks - for you to return fully to them? For the first time in ages?

Your sponsor is spot on.............. this time next year you wont believe the difference.......... you will metamorphose and emerge a butterfly....... free as the air! (And yes - you will deal with your headaches - if they havent disappeared - in some other way)

LOL I am getting carried away now.

Take care


(PS - I too breast fed all my children - was taken in for an emergency appendectomy when the baby was only 9 months - was in such distress that the baby had to be brought into the surgical ward every few hours for feeding! It caused such hilarity....... and such therapy for all the suffering patients!! Hah - the joys of motherhood?!)

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