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[QUOTE=chefob1]cryyellow...i was injecting buprenex for four years to try to maintain...its an opiate just as methadone....i believe you meant .3ml vials...that is what i was on....3 a day to were experiencing heroin s/effects...buprenex is the parental drug of suboxne/subutex.....i was amused when folks thought that bupenorphine was a miracle drug...there is no such thing period when it comes to opiates.....all opiates bring w/d's and in the end we all deal with the same damm emotioins fightin this disease we all own for the rest of our lifes................the way i look at it...if a person had a pill problem with vicodin..and they were put on oxycontin they would say w/d' kidding......chef[/QUOTE]
But would you not agree, Oxycontin doesnt make you feel as clear headed as the suboxone? And with oxys you have to continuinually go up on your dose, not so with suboxone. As a matter of fact less is more with suboxone AND you do not feel high at all on the suboxone as you would on oxycontin. I dont really think you can compare the two, can you? That statement just thru me a little. Oxycontin is so so dangerously being abused and theres no way you can abuse suboxone. I will still stand strong on the Suboxone for it has saved and totally changed my life! Hope you are doing good also, take care.
Chef - I didn't say I was clean... I was talking about the meetings and that in order to stay clean, I felt like one would have to attend meetings. I definitely do NOT think I am clean, by any means. I realize that I'm substituting... that's what I said in my post. I think we are both saying the same thing. I agree with you, that an opiate is an opiate but I still say that being on Suboxone is better than being on 20 lortabs a day. Are you sure that if a NON addict took Bup they would feel a 'high'? Anyway, I know that when I took methadone for a while, it was better than lortabs for me. It 'hid' my problems just like lortabs did and I also felt like I could accomplish anything... but it only took one 10 mg pill instead of 5 lortabs. However, with Suboxone - it does not give me that euphoric feeling at all. I feel every ounce of pain and joy and everything else that comes with every day life.

Anyway, you know we love you and I do think we are saying the same thing. The only difference is, I am by no means taking Suboxone to hold off withdrawals. I'm taking it because I will go back to abusing pain meds if I don't. I'm taking it because it has made me be able to be a better person --- whatever it is doing to my receptors... it is making me make responsible decisions and I have never been as clear minded or 'in tune' with my feelings, my childrens' feelings, etc. Seriously - I absolutely could not not abuse pain meds without it... and I feel like if I got off of it... I would go right back to abusing pain meds. At least I think I would. I'm not taking it because I'm scared of withdrawals. I'm scared of killing myself with lortabs. Anyway, I'll get working on that loan right away --- Just put it in the name of Chef? lol

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