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Hello Wyoeds

I can so relate to your problem with sleep! At one point I was so sleep deprived that I thought I would never sleep again! But - no worries - it does all come back on line - in time!
I took 8 months to taper off ativan (by way of valium) - and finally suffered sleep problems over the next couple of months. But - no worries - you are not tapering off benzos? You only used xanax and ambien for a short time? - so your sleep problems relate to withdrawal of opiates and not benzos? So - my advice is to just stick with it........... I think you will find that your situation will resolve in a couple of days with any luck - but if you start to use xanax and ambien for sleep you risk dependency on something really nasty and very difficult to get off. My advice is to stay away from xanax and ambien - just dont go there. Just not worth the risk. The sleep you get from xanax and ambien is not natural sleep anyway.....and you really want to get back to a normal sleep pattern and not go by way of another chemical path?

While I was in the midst of dreadful insomnia someone said to me "no-one ever died of lack of sleep!". Hah! But true?
Give it some time - perhaps you will have no sleep one night - then just an hour the next etc but after a week or two I think you will be sleeping adequately. There are powerful natural mechanisms in the body which ensure that the brain does not become severley sleep-deprived.

Just get thro today............... dont worry about sleep.......... try sleep hygiene.......... drink camomile tea (known in the US as Sleepy Time Tea).......... hot milk before bed is another............ and before you know it you will be sleeping again...........

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