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Hey rosie!! :wave:

Let me first say that I am not entirely familiar with everyone's background, so I am only going by the info in this post.....I will also preface my response by saying that my background is psychological, not medical. I have a degree in counseling psychology.

As far as your concerns re: social services....
The main concerns with children and parents with addictions are:

1) Children who are born addicted.
All hospitals drug screen mothers and newborns. Any time that a mother and/or newborn tests postive for narcotics, social services HAS to be notified. Medical personnel are mandated reporters. Meaning that they are required by law to report such instances to social services.

2) Inadequate supervision
Parents who use/abuse illegal drugs/alcohol or any other mind altering substance compromise their ability to provide adequate supervision for their children. An example? A case in which a child fell, breaking an arm, and mom was too intoxicated to drive him to the ER.
**This is completely different from your children witnessing your using!**

There are more, but these seem to be the most applicable to your children's ages.

Regarding your desire to go into detox/rehab.....first of all....GOOD FOR YOU!!!
That does NOT mean that social services will be involved.

DO Make sure that your children are with someone who is trustworthy, responsible, dependable, etc. if you are going to be in an inpatient facility. Most parents do not realize that if you leave your kids with a babysitter and that babysitter leaves the kids home comes back on YOU, *not* the sitter. Why? It is your job as a parent to use good judgement about who you leave your kids with, etc.

I hope I answered at least PART of your question. I will be more than happy to elaborate further if there are specific concerns that you have!! Just let me know!


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