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I do not think Ashton gets much into opiates. She may note that they have "additive" effects with benzos but got too much to do tonight to hunt for the quote.

Jennita may be correct about Vicodins being uppers as some of these pain pills reportedly contain caffeine, and some report a stimulating effect. But percocets and hydrocodones were never an upper for me, and others I know report the same. I used leftovers from the dentist for sleep when all else failed. And it is a fact that opiates slow respiration so mixing them with benzos may not be advisable in some circumstances. In fact deaths have occured but this is probably mostly due to high dosing and/or mixing with alcohol. Does the person that prescribed you the pain pills know you are taking Klonopin? And are they aware of the dose? You could also pose these questions to a pharmacist. Do some research and deal with your doctor armed with information. This is more time consuming but worth the effort. Do not rely just on what a few people on the internet tell you.

Also, I am not clear as to why you were put on methadone then presumedly weaned off. From my knowledge this is done with opiate, often herion, addicts to detox them. Methadone clinics... If you have addiction issues with opiates, taking more may ignite an old flame. There are non-opiate related pain medicines to consider. And though I agree with the essence of the dependency/addiction distinction Jennita makes, especially when it comes to certain benzo users and the potential for medically mistreating them, I have read the distinction before and could see it easily getting abused. Dropping the addiction label could give the wrong people license to keep on using an addictive drug when they need to free themselves from it.[/QUOTE]
hi howard i was put on methadone for my back pain they also use it for moderate to severe pain i first was on vicodin but it wears off to quickly when you hurt 24/7it's not that great of a pain killer to be on so my primary dr put me on methadone because it has a half life of 24 hrs(which is why it's the worst opiate to kick the w/ds last 3 to 5 wks and then you get the physchological which kicks your a$$ more than the physical) and lasts 12 hrs ive told my drs about what medications i'm on but they have'nt said anything i took my self off methadone because over 2 years time my tolerance went from 5 mgs to 50 and i just did'nt want to be at 100 by the time i was 40 as much as you despise benzos i despise methadone i know it helps people that are recovering heroin addicts but coming off this drug really screws up your life especially if your not weaned properly like me 50 to 0 that's alot of the reason why i'm on an ssri and klonopin they say i have social anxiety also but now i have a kind of panic disorder all due to this crappy drug to put it mildly it's totally screwed my head up i feel like this drug took pieces of me with it and will never be the same again sorry so long just venting :blob_fire i did'nt mean to get all into this just meant to tell you why they put me on it and when i talk about it it just really gets me going i know this w/d probably doesnt compare to benzo w/d but let me tell you it's my own private nightmare thanks for letting me vent your good people hope your job is going ok and not to stressful it's something you don't need right now either hugs kelleigh :)

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