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Hello Howard
Nice to speak to you at last.
I am just appalled at what you tell me about the forum - cant talk to an admin? Wonder if Ray has finally flipped?
And I have little time for those mods who I met during my taper - you can keep them!
Like you I started off at 30 mg valium - dropped 5 - 10 quite rapidly and then dropped in general about 2 mg per 2 weeks until I got to 15 - wee hiccup then - stuck for a bit - then resumed at 2 mg till I got to 10, 1 mg till I got to 5, 1/2 mg until I jumped at 1/2. Never looked back. I had pretty dreadful withdrawal symptoms for most of the time - but I dont need to tell you. You have read Ashton? Its all there - she is my bible! The woman has it! Hope you manage on as ever.......... I am having to dash out now - will speak again.
Must just say that yes I think the medical profession esp in the US is profoundly ignorant. Mind you Xanax maked humungous profits for pharmas and doctors - so there is your answer? IN UK we are luckier - doctors are inviting in all regular users of benzos to discuss how to get off. Its a real hot topic here all the way up to Govt. You are not so lucky. I am glad to hear you have managed to get valium. The seizure thing is true too. There is a girl in here - Rosie - who had a seizure when she was taken off just .5 mg xanax peer day. No joke? She is not on a lot just now as she has just been thro detox for opiates - but she is doing just great - but she is still to get off klonopin - she has read her Ashton - maybe you could help her?
Jennita has been a tremendous adviser to you!
Must dash - but I am here and if I can help - and I will be able to with this taper I am sure - just bellow!
Good luck, friend

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