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Its not a schedule 2 drug because it isn't a narcotic. I am highly sensitive to drugs, it only takes a little to knock me out, hubby laughs at me because of it. With Ultram people can have withdrawal problems for some reason I didn't. It isn't strong at all. For a pain reliever I could barely tell any difference. When a person first starts taking it I felt overly tired/sleepy, but after a week or so that wears off and the body becomes accoustom to it. I think a lot of people just think or imagine a rush or high, I remember when motrin first came out people thought they was getting a buzz from it. lol Of course not being a addict I could be wrong. Do addicts feel things differently? Why would a drug make addicts high but not others. As I said before, Ultram made me sleepy for the first week or two of taking it. After that I got no effects from it. In fact I felt it wasn't really helping my pain at all until I went without it. Then I had to admit it did help some.

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