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Just a note,but where I'm at,Ultram is now a schedule III drug.Back in 1998,when I first was hospitalized(for detox)my doctor laughed when I said that Ultram's were not supposed to be addicting,and told me that the first year Ultram was out there were more reported cases of Ultram addiction than Vicodin.They do have weak mu-receptor activity but also work somewhat on seretonin and noreppy.I think it all depends on one's own body chemistry as to how they effect you,because although I used Vicodin when I didn't have any Ultrams,the amount of vikes I had to consume was sickening in order to keep the withdrawal away.After throwing almost every drug known to man into my body,my warnings are just as strong for Ultrams as they are for any other drug.Anybody at risk for addiction should steer clear of thes unless clearly needed.

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