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I am addicted to ultram. I started withthe vicodin/norco/lortab..whatever I could get my hands on. Then all of a sudden I was out and experiencing horrible withdrawls. I had heard that ultram helped with w/d's so I got some. Not knowing that too was addictive. To make a long story short I got hooked on those and was up to 8-10 a day. I have started to taper and am know down to 6 a day. I have heard the w/d's on thse are even worse then the hydros. Let me tell you I feel like crap in the morning until my first dose kicks in. I don't think you should have too hard of a time getting off 25 mgs. I would suggest just continueing this amount till your body gets use to it. Then maybe try only taking a quarter of a pill and see how that goes. I don't know about the tingling of the toes..I have never experienced that. But I wake up every morning in a cold sweat with heart tremors. My body aches and sometimes my stomach hurts. I take my 2 pills and give it 1 hour and I am good to go. These are sneaky little pills. I thought I was taking them just to help ease my w/ds but instead I became hooked. They really need to classify these as narcotics cause thats what they are as far as I am concerned. They make it so easy to get. I am thinking of inpatient detox and treatment. I finally came clean with my husband so together I am gonna get over this and you will too! Believe me I wish I was just weaning off a half a pill. You really shouldn't have it that bad, but then again i am not you and have no clue how you feel. Alls I can say is we are here for you and an addiction is an addiction no matter how much you take. It sponds to me like your best option would be to flush those pills and just deal with the w/ds. I don't think they will be too hard for you. Do you think you would have a hard time staying off these?? I could go cold turkey and deal with the w/d's. For me thats the easy part. The hard part is staying away from them.

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