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Everyday - Don't do the rapid detox - not only are you really, really sick afterwards, but you can actually die during the procedure. It's dangerous and there are risks associated with it. I was like you, taking over 20 lortab 10's per day. You have several options - obviously, tapering - which is just about impossible when you are up to the level you are taking. Bottom line is, if we could control the amount of pills we take each day, we would. So, tapering is an option, but it is EXTREMELY difficult, however - it can be done. Second option is cold turkey - you'll be sick for about a week and then you will slowly start to feel better. The third option is you can go see your doctor, come clean with him and they can prescribe something called clonodine (it's a blood pressure med) that can help you during the withdrawal process. It makes you pretty sleepy but it helps w/the leg pain, chills, and other symptoms. However, it doesn't completely take away all of the symptoms... but it does help, no doubt about it.

Now, let me say that when I realized, like you, that I was either going to kill myself with these drugs because of my high use, or I needed help. However, I had tried everything also and could not stay clean, no matter what. I am also on Suboxone and it has absolutely changed my life. The way it works is this, it IS an opiate, but you do not get a high from it but it attaches to some receptors in your brain telling your brain that you do not want/need pain pills. I have had several offered to me on several occasions and have had no problems saying no. This drug HAS been a miracle for me and has saved my life. If you find that no matter what you do, that you absolutely cannot stay clean no matter what, don't feel hopeless because there are additional options for you. Oh, to answer your question, yes, Sub is physically addicting whereas when you stop, you will have withdrawals. You have to taper down and then stop but I still have read many, many stories where the withdrawals aren't as bad as hydros, but they do last longer since it's a longer lasting opiate. However, everyone is different and some people manage with few wd symptoms when they stop Sub. It's used for two things. Either you can take it for a few weeks to help with the wds from hydrocodone and then stop - this way, you won't be on it long enough to have withdrawals from it OR you can take it for a year or two or however long you think you need it. It basically has helped me learn how to live my life sober again. I have my life in order, am making responsible decisions and have changed my life for the better, even better than before I was addicted.

Now, User - I have enjoyed reading your posts but I do have to tell you that many people would be DEAD without the assistance of Suboxone. Why do you think they have had methadone clinics for years? There are addicts in this world that no matter what you do, they cannot get a handle on their addictions so please, although I would not want someone who's trying to quit for the first FEW times to go straight to Sub, I would highly recommend it for someone who cannot get off of drugs. There are many people who literally become suicidal from these pills since they know they cannot stop them after many, many attempts. I'm trying to ensure that THESE people know that there is help and that they don't have to feel so hopeless. Because I almost killed myself before I found Suboxone because I could not stand to lose my kids - which would have eventually have happened. In addition, I would have lost my job and everything else.

My use of Suboxone is NOT to hold off withdrawals, it's to help me not use hydros and end up killing myself. I don't have cravings and I screwed up my life so badly, I'm getting things back together. Just so you know, I'm a single mother of three young children and just about lost everything I had. I did, in fact have to file bankruptcy and lost my house as well. I also lost my mother to an accidental overdose of hydros. Do you think if Sub was around 8 years ago - that maybe she would be 'maintaining her LIFE'? Maintenance means just that - having control over your addiction with the assistance of medication that cannot be abused. In addition, although there are withdrawals from this, who cares? For someone like me that plans to be on Sub for a long time, then who cares that I will have to feel badly for a few weeks or even months. To me, it is worth every single second that I spend seeing the world clearer again and actually taking care of my kids. I'm a VP at a bank and literally almost lost everything and no matter what - I could not STOP! So, please don't 'cringe' when you see the word Suboxone as it can be and has been a life saver. I only wish it was around to save my own mother's life. Any other questions your might have about Suboxone, please let me know. Again, the majority of people that I know from the boards that take Suboxone take it to NOT abuse meds, not because they are scared of withdrawals. I could handle the withdrawals - the hardest part for me was once they were all gone and I felt good again, well, STRAIGHT back to drugs!
[QUOTE=KIMBEE]User, Have you ever been on Suboxone? I dont think it fair to knock something you have never tried. For some, (being myself) I tried staying sober more times than I can or want remember, so to me this drug has worked wonders, and I dont think its very fair for you to knock me down for doing everything in my power to stay alive. Ive tried ALL other ways known to man to try and knock this monkey off my back and now have finally found something that works. And no I dont think Im proloning my addiction, you have not walked in my shoes you have no idea the hell I have been through, so unless you can offer me a better plan for living my life better than I am right now I think Ill stay on the Suboxone. At least I feel normal and healthier than i have felt in years. I am treating this awful disease that I have with medication, which is what I would be doing if I had any other disease!I am very proud that you could do it with out the help of medication, but there are some of us that just cant, period.[/QUOTE]

Kimbee, I expected a reply like this, however, the point I was trying to make is that I see a lot of people here thinking that this new opiate suboxone is the cure to all addiction. I know it was designed for herion addicts as an alternative to methadone, due to meth's excruciating withdrawal. The drug is new, and everything isn't yet known. Hydrocodone withdrawal is different from heroin, as the half life is much shorter. I don't know your situation, and I am not judging you in any way. I am only replying to someone whose situation is just like mine. This board has been helpful to me, however, I see a lot of fear here on the part of some who want to quit hydrocodone, and I want these people to know that it is possible to quit, and it will not be as bad as they think. I have read numerous accounts of people, both here and elsewhere, who have gone the sub route, and have ended up as bad or worse than they were before. If I can encourage someone, anyone, to just quit, and give them hope that they can do it, and it isn't going to kill them, and they will only be uncomfortable for a short period of time, then I will be happy. Someone else here did that for me, and I am glad they did. There is a tremendous amount of sympathy in this forum, thankfully, but I would like to add an element of tough truth to it.
First of all, I'm not Kimbee - I am BANKER. Secondly, Suboxone was designed for OPIATE addicts - not just heroine. I wasn't on heroine, I was addicted to hydros, just like you.

Thirdly, we are saying the same thing - Suboxone is for chronic relapsers. You certainly would not go and jump on Suboxone the very first time you quit. Like I said in my post, it's for people who have tried everything and still, for whatever reason, continue to relapse and use. I also said in my post that there are several ways to quit and I did not list Suboxone as one of them. I did however, explain to him what Sub was and what it was used for.

You're absolutely right about withdrawals - you will not die from them and it can be done. You will be sick for about a week and then things will get better and better. I even said that the withdrawals were not my problem, it was staying clean. I understand your point entirely but I also want people to know what options ARE available to them.

I'm very proud of you and what you have done. I've been following your posts and I think you always give excellent advice. However, don't knock Sub when it has saved peoples' lives. You are talking to someone who is an AVID believer in Suboxone and I will never tell someone NOT to try it, if they find they cannot stay clean. If I wasn't so scared of losing my children because of my addiction - I would be on the nightly news telling people of this option.

Let me tell you why - Man I work with - VERY high level manager - his daughter has been in rehab after rehab and she cannot stay clean, no matter what. Her last rehab was 7 days and the day she left rehab, she hit the road and her family doesn't know where she is. I've talked to him last week and came clean with him about me... The thing is, if he could just get a hold of her, she could find relief from this horrible addiction. She wants to quit - wants to more than anything, but she just can't do it. She's even lost her children because of addiction. She is the perfect candidate for Suboxone. Know what I'm saying? There was another man on this board that actually killed himself recently because of his addiction - he couldn't stop. If he would have gone and gotten on Suboxone, there is a very good chance he would be alive today. So, these are reasons why I let as many people know that this drug does exist and it can help those who cannot quit by using all of the other options that are available. Again, we are saying the same thing - but please do not cringe at this drug as it has saved peoples' lives and hopefully, will continue to do so with people spreading the word that it is out there. I didn't even know it was until my doctor told me about it. When you watch your own mother die from addiction and know that you almost did the exact same thing, you get pretty serious about what is available that will keep you alive because as you know, this disease KILLS!

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