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If you're anything like me,I started out looking for that magic herb that could replace the feeling the drugs gave me.I tried everything available-but it just didn't happen.BUT, what I DID find was a couple of things to help with the racy feeling you get inside(at least that's what I felt,still do at times).Scullcap,in the tincture form,works really well.Also passionflower,in the same form.Only drawback is, the best tinctures are preserved in organic alcohol,so you have to decide if you want to ingest the alcohol(very small amount,but alcohol nevertheless).Kava also works well,but I found it hard to find effective forms of it,and once again I found the best was the liquid form in organic alcohol.
Since you say you don't want to take antidepressants,there's this stuff called SAM-e that is very very good (in my experience),lots of clinical studies done on it,and it has also been used in narcotic withdrawal.You feel effects sooner than with traditional antidepressants,and since it is actually a naturally occurring substance in the body that most of us lack,it is not toxic.If you DO get SAM-e,make SURE it is the ENTERIC coated kind,otherwise it is useless.But it is something I highly recommend, only bad thing about it is it's kind of expensive.
I started taking B-complex right after detoxing,but found that it made me irritable and increased my anxiety,so I had to back off of it until I was a little more healed neuroreceptor wise.Which in fact I just tried to take it again, but it once again made me real irritable.Everyone's different,it's a great thing to take,but for some reason I can't tolerate it just yet.Keep in mind, depending on how long you've been dependant on these drugs(Ultram, in your case-and mine,too),it's going to take quite a while for the ole neuroreceptors to kick back into action and even longer for them to do their job completely.So,after detoxing,and I think Banker talked a little about this,be prepared to feel kind of crappy,kind of depressed,kind of sad.In fact,just be FEEL...All those things that we started taking the drugs to get rid of in the first place.And yes,it can be very difficult in the beginning,especially because as addicts, we are especially sensitive to how our bodies feel,in fact SUPER sensitive,so what may be "normal" anxiety to a non-addict,we feel it a hundred times worse.Nothing psychological about it,our neuroreceptors just have a lot of healing to do.That's why after detoxing,meetings and talking to other recovering addicts(ALL THE TIME) is important.I hope I'm not scaring you, it's just really good to know what to expect,and be prepared for it.Which sounds like what you're trying to do,and that's excellant.
Don't be too afraid to come clean with your doctor, and don't wait for her to offer you help-ASK for it and INSIST on it.But I'm sure she(he) will appreciate your honesty.The way I put it to my doctor was I told her that after taking Ultram for so long,I was having a very hard time getting off of it and experiencing withdrawal symptoms.Yes,I sugarcoated it a little bit,but I thought it was best to leave out the gory details since my doctor was someone I had known for years and worked with since she was just an intern.(Does that just negate my statement about being HONEST with your doctor???I was honest,just didn't want her to know I was also endlessly doctor shopping and bouncing from hospital to hospital on an almost daily-no definite-daily basis).You are going to do great-and don't you feel a LITTLE excited about getting this nightmare off your back??? :bouncing: :bouncing: Not to mention the amount of relief you're going to feel!! :bouncing:
And also,isn't Eastertime a great time to do this-here's YOUR chance to "rise" again!!!So much luck to you,and have a great holiday!!!
Love,Stacie :angel:

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