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I wanted to preface this post by thanking everyone for contributing their thoughts. We all think we're the only ones, however these boards show us we are all basically in the same boat. The more experiences you relate, the more help I find. I have some questions about your experiences with sub and exercise. my experience is: Long time Heroin addict. Been on meth several times lost everything...Went to jail( not the first time), decided enough was truely enough. Been at it since the late 60's. Been clean since late 80's. Every day alittle better. After 15 years, very productive, great family, good job etc. I've been running and exercising since getting clean. Very important to me. One year ago, root canal, vicodin, eventually full blown relapse using about 120 mgs of hydo per day. Jumped on sub. Did a great job. Stopped on a dime. Never stopped exercising or running even when I relapsed. Went on sub and could really have been on any dose I chose. 4 mg per day seemed right for me. I take my sub in the early a.m. and off to the gym. 30 days ago I decided that it's time to get off. Down to 1/4 of a 2mg tab per day. Again, I take this before I exercise. That's my problem. My doc said to level at ny dose. Don't try to go any longer. Simply go longer between doses. I don't do this because I am used to make wake-up before I go to exercise. I don't feel too chipper in the morning. Going from 1 tab to 1/4 was hard. On the other hand, I'm really stringing this thing out. I'll keep you posted as I make the move lower. Thanks for your input.


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