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I have been on Sub for about one 1/2 months, due to the use of Oxycontin abuse. The first week after taking the Sub, I woke up one morning with severe pain and numbness in my arms. My dose was lower and after about 4 days it subsided. There was only numbness on the tips of my fingers at times.

I was told to take no Sub for a week but could not do it, I only took it one day out of that week. I was started on four Mg Bid, and currently on 2mg Bid. Last night the pain came back to my arms, it happends when I go to sleep I will wake up frequently during the night with extreme pain that feels like a torch is being placed against my arms,(Ie; a burning sensation) so I get up and walk around, it takes about a good 2-3 hours until it subsides to a tingle and then to a numbness.

These symtoms went away for a good week, but since I have been taking my meds(sub 2mg Bid) everyday again, it has come back. The Doc that subscribes me the Sub, said he has never heard of this happening, and stated I should see a neurologist. Since I have no health insurance it is hard for me to keep seeing Doc's that have no idea about this happening or what the affects of the Sub can be, my primary care practician said it was Carpel Tunel, another stated that it only happends when people use (Oxycontin).

I haven't used in over two months, and the Sub works good, but this pain that is occuring is beyond real, it is so bad some mornings, that it hurts to the point were I cry uncontrolably, it makes it extremely difficult to perform daily activities such as brushing my hair, Taking A Shower,etc. It has made me affraid to sleep, I am missing days at work, I NEED HELP! If there is any info or suggestions, please post here, I need advice or an answer.

Thank You.
Thank you! I was on Subatex at first and had no problems. I do believe myself that I am sensitive to the Naloxone. I did not take my sub at all yesterday or yet today, I feel good, and only had tingles and numbness this a.m., not any burning. Yet I had no control over useing a hair brush or to hold a glass of water. I am missing work again due to this.
I have contacted my doc, but have yet to hear from them. I am going to ask if he will put me back on the Subatex.
Does anyone get headaches that last more than a day? I never got headaches before and I since I have been put on the sub I get headaches for days at a time, is this normal?

Thank you!
I will keep you informed. Thanks Kimbee, I would not have thought about going back to the subatex. I had no problems with that. I do not get a call from my doc today, he has been great in the past about calling me back too. I already have a appt, with him on Friday. But wanted to notify him of the hand and arm symptoms again. Hopefully the headaches will subside after a while. I am trying to take the good with the bad. Thank you to all again!!!!
Kimbee and others, I told you I would keep you informed. I went to the doc.'s to day and asked him about being put back on the subatex, he told me it would not be helpful in my recovery process. It has a different affect on the opiates in the brain. I am on a close watch due to the side affects I have had, but since Monday I have had no problems. Thank you again for all your info and help, it has been very helpful.

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