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when i informed my doc that for two years i had been deceiving him to get lortabs/xanax and would he mind prescribing me my buprenex(bupenorphine,same as suboxone/subutex)...he had a fit,right there in the office and told me what did i want to do,get him to lose his medical license?....he was pissed and now that i look back at it,being addicted to pain meds was a screwed up issue,for everyone....i thought i was doin the right thing by tellin him and he dropped me right then and there as a patient...i dont blame him....he also most likely got a reality check on meds he was/is prescribing by patients who tell him similiar truth i also hace chronic pain but i was lookin above and beyond as we all im sure the dr was pissed cause there were days he wasnt in the office and his answering service called him so i could go get the meds from the pharmecy that he would hopefully call in,which he always did...honesty is the key to succesfully beating this opiate addiction........chef

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