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I wish I had all the answers for you.And I still think the combination of drugs you're on is doing a lot of that thinking for you.It's such a depressant combination,I wouldn't think it could do anything OTHER than bring you down.About the taper-slow vs long-it really all depends on how long you've been taking the Valium.It is a tough process.
Also,I think you have to be MENTALLY ready to do this,and I know you want to go back to just the Sub and Klonopin.You have to get yourself in a place where you can realize that with the extra Valium,it is contributing to the feelings of not wanting to live anymore.I still feel that you need some type of hospitalization for a while Murphy, to help you over this rough spot,to keep you safe,and get you stabilized and strong enough to come back and fight your addiction.I can see a real vicious circle this situation is keeping you in,and I would love to see you removed for a while from your immediate surroundings (sometimes a change in environment can help )-you really need a change to help BREAK this cycle your living in.I KNOW you don't want to leave your kitties,but their mama really needs some help right now.
Murphy,I think about you all the time,and wonder how you're doing.I don't want you to think that suicide is EVER an option.Recovery should be the only option you think about right now,just getting yourself better.When you DO get better,you will realize just how far down you were,and just how heavily influenced you were by the drugs.And you will be HAPPY you made the right choice.Of course we are going to worry about you,we are all in this fight together,and we don't want to lose anyone,we don't want to lose YOU.
Keep fighting Murphy,and keep posting to let everyone know your progress, and what you're going to do on the taper subject.You're a cute 53,you're a cute 53 with kitties who love you,and you're a cute 53 with kitties who love you and a whole board of people from across the United States who love you and are pulling for you....And you thought you just had YOU???
So much Love and strength,Stacie

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