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[QUOTE=Banker]So were you ever a real addict or were you just on methadone for true pain? Sounds like that is the case to me. I was taking 20 lortab per day prior to Suboxone and I worry IF I get off of this, what my cravings will be like since right now - they are ZERO. K - thanks again for all of your help and take care. I'm on lexepro too - does it make you REALLY sleepy?[/QUOTE]
banker yes i guess you could say im atrue addict it was for pain seriously i have 2 bulging discs and degenerative disc disease but let me tell ya physical dependance in my eyes is a crock i read so many times that physical dependance comes with no physological attachment to the drug thats bull im living proof they also said the physical withdrawals would be it yeah right im in aphyschological nightmare this methadone has f-ed me up so bad and my doc said id be fine after 2 weeks what in dog years yeah the lexapro makes me sleepy along with the other 50 thousand others drugs i take to be normal thanks for chatting with me youre awesome kelleigh ps hope this helps

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