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[QUOTE=Banker]What is your story? How long were you on your drug of choice and then how long and how much were you taking of meth? How long have you been off of meth? Why did they prescribe klonopin? Thanks for the information.[/QUOTE]
banker i was on methadone for about 2 to3 yr and before that 180 vicodin every 2wks for about a year thats why iwent to methadone because the vicodin just wasnt doing its job so now ive been off methadone lets just say gong on 3 months physical withdrawals were a f-ing nightmare 5weeks of feeling like i had cinder blocks tied to my arms and legs prickly pins and needles feeling all over my body fits of rage sneezing until my whole back notted up from my neck all the way down so any way now that ive gone on and on after 8 weeks iwas still having panic attacks and rage where i just wanted to smash anything that got in my way i just kept thinking when the hell is this gonna end so finally iwent to a councelor who said i had severe anxiety ive only been taking klonopin for 2 weeks and i feel so good no more panic no more rage and the worst of it feeling like there were little pieces of brillo pad fibers in my skin are gone should only be on it for 4 to5 weeks which is probably enough time to grow a dependence but if i didnt take this id probably be in jail i would be driving and end up places that i had know reason for being there thats gone to sorry so long but sometimes i just have to get it all out im sorry so long thanx for letting me vent peace kelleigh

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