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ya, Suboxone is a life saver when coming off opiates. I thought id be ending up on methadone. But suboxone totally eliminates withdrawls, and sometimes gives me a twinkling of a buzz. But that could be because im on a few other meds.
Again i also take Adderall 20mg 2x a day. It works great along with suboxone for modivation, also hels with depression, gives me the drive to do things instead of laying around. Some say adderall is very addictive. But for me, speed isnt my thing. I take the dose recommended for the results i want, which is more focus, motivation etc. I know if i took 40 or 60mg, id be shaking with anxiety, and i dont wanna go there.

I take Klonopin 1mg 2x daily to combat any anxiety, esp generalized anxiet or social anxiety. It doesnt sedate me at this dose. Actually i lowered the dose to .5mg to see if it will be sufficient. Taking such 3 x daily. 1Mg sometimes makes me too tired, unless i take some adderall.

These 3 above medications do wonders for my addiction and make me feel normal and outgoing again. Without them, id be still using, or just laying around being sick and stuff.

Im also on lexapro.10mg. I just started it, and i want my doc to up the dose. Lexapro is a revised version of celexa with less side effects. Well see as i remain on it. I was on zoloft 100mg for 2 yrs, i worked fine, but still didnt do anything for my social phobia, nor kept me from using. JUst made me emotionally numb and no sex drive.

My remaining medication is for sleep called ambien. I have a problem getting to sleep. Ambien is perfect for people who cannot fall asleep. I was on remeron, which sometimes it took 2 hrs for me to fall asleep, i got really hungy and at like a pig, and the next day i was still sedated. With ambien, you seem to wake up 6 hrs later and no groggyness.

Well there you have it. Ya it may be a bit too many meds, but everyone has its benifits and works in a different way for my mental health. Esp keeping my addiction at bay. When i feel depressed, panicy, antisocial, ,is when i want to use.

Thank you and post more

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