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Hi south-
How are you today-im heather/suboxone maitainance for 8 months-now..and my life has changed since i started this program of recovery.I know im not 'clean/sober..but i never was-ive been using every drug/at differant times in my life since i was a teenager..w/ an 8 year break..when i was pregnant/raising my son-i discovered opiates when my son hit his teens-got addicted to heroin for 8 yrs.So-sub seemed the right choice for i can function/go to work/not be sick daily etc.My finances are way improved and my outlook on life is better.I have clinical depression/personality disorder/add/panic-so i also do the psych meds /benzos-but this drug is a lifesaver-and many of us are very happy to be out of the drug/life..and on this med.I wish you all good things-w/ this program..i know you will be a happier person w/ it.
heather :angel:

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