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First of all stop apologizing. Nobody ever sits down and says "gee I think that I am going to get addicted to drugs today" It seems that people get addicted to drugs for numerous reasons. Although I am sure not an expert.

I am detoxing from vicodin right now. Nobody can really answer what to expect because everyone is different. I would suggest at the least that you let your doctor know what you are intending to do. You may need some help. The typical wd's from opiates are flu like symptoms, in otherwords it feels fairly lousy although they wd's won't kill you. The length of time that you go through them is different for every person. However, from what I gather the worst of it is about a week. I have used a little motrin and flexeril under the knowledge of my physician to help me for the first few days.

I am only heading for day five so I still feel lousy. I really think that you should be under a physician's knowledge and care, he may be able to prescribe something to you to help you. Again I am not a doctor only someone who is dealing with something similar to yours namely addiction to an opiate. You can do it and beating up on yourself does not help at all. I wish you the best.

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