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Good luck with that! I did not taper as I was only on 10mg. a day but I was on that for 2 years. Well I can tell you something to keep in your mind when It gets really rough once you do stop.
Know that you really are not dieing you only feel like it.
Know that a skinny weak girl like me did it so you can too.

I requested so many things that sent my husband to the store often, I will try to remember them all
1- heating pad
2- four extra pillows
3-bath pillow
4-x tra soft tissue, nose was raw from sneezing so much
6-bottle water
7-epsom salt
8- funny as it sounds I had him buyme one of those pool noodle things to put under my lower back
9-chocolate is suppose to have same endorphins as opiates? didn't help me, I tried
10-I played so many mind games with myself. The best was pretending I was on fear factor and if I took pill I lost!
11- I gave my pills to my husband since I know he loves me. Told him you give me one when you think I can not handle anymore.When I was real bad I would look at him and say " you think I can handle this?" He would say "ya"Him believing in me made me believe in myself.
also, I think the thing that helped me the most was a journal. Even when my arms were flapping like a retarded pidgeon I wrote in my journal what I was feeling. The bath tub and I became pretty good friends! how long do you plan to taper/ let me know your final day of pills.

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