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but tell me about the withdrawals from Suboxone. How are they? I realize you are on the patch but do you have the classic wd symptoms of opiate or is it different? It's disheartening to hear that you are craving so badly for opiates.

All I know Banker, is that the detox protocol was exactly the same as it was with vicodin in the past. I was inpatient hospital for 3 days; and it was basically the same as withdrawing from the hydros. The patch really helps me, because, for 3 days or so, I just was so out of of it and tired, that I didn't suffer the acute withdrawals at all. It lowers your blood pressure but also has something to do with receptors that reduce w/d symptoms, I forgot the explanation. For me, my blood pressure is low to begin with - so NO, I was out of it; and it lasts a week. In fact, towards the end of the week, in a group or something, I would talk and people thought I was using. Not true, the patch was still making me very groggy and by day 7 I got frustrated because of it and took it off. It was only then that I began to feel the residual feelings of w/d. Not feeling normal in your skin, twitching here and there, but nothing really TOO hard. I thought I was going to be detoxed from all the valium I took in some different way, but of course when I got there, I was told they were taking me off of both. But as far as I know, it was exactly the same. I was also given "klonopin" still 1 at night because that still is my normal dose, and one night a nurse gave me doxepim for sleep and I lost a day because I woke up in my clothes at 10 PM thinking it was 10 AM. I suppose my body/mind was exhausted.

I'm going every day day treatment, just listening to what they tell me to do, but yes - unfortunately, I still "crave" very badly. In fact, tonight, I knew I had put some darvocets away, sort of hid them from myself a long time ago; and I came home and just started searching for them. I can't find them! So maybe that is for the best. Darvocets is where I started.

That is why I'm hoping the new Dr. will consider putting me on suboxone once again. But I will have to be honest with him about the valium incident, and after hearing that or seeing that on my chart, he may change his mind. That, I don't know yet.

Why do you want off the suboxone? If it were me, I would want to take it for the rest of my life as seeing a bottle of vicodins didn't even tempt me. I didn't have the same side effects as you did (everybody is different). All I felt is what Banker often says that it saved my life. It's a treatment for some. I know I know it's another crutch, but for me, I honestly don't feel I can make it to the other side and feel "Normal". And that is unsettling to me.

I never thought I'd ever think about long-term maintenance on anything, always shyed away from methadone, but when suboxone got approved and I heard such positive things about it, I got curious. In fact, the last time I was at that hospital, I was "detoxed" with suboxone. I was fearful, but after 1 2mg pill, no withdrawals and I was amazed. It made me feel "normal".

Keep on writing, let me know how you are doing.


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