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Thank you. That is so scary. This is why I do not want to put myself through any additional torture at this time after detoxing from suboxone. I only take 1 mg/day so as long as my Dr. is willing to prescribe it and I have no adverse affects.

But that does anger me at the same time. Patients often don't know and trust their Drs. as to what they "need" to alleviate a problem.

Just wanted to say; very good post.

I haven't posted for awhile; been very busy going to intensive outpatient treatment after a brief hospitalization.

But I agree with you; everyone is different, and based upon the horror stories of what I've heard about coming off klonopin (I've been on 1 mg for a long time, no abuse) and my current Dr. thinks I should stay on it for the problems I had. I have lately been given the choice of either taking klonopin OR suboxone whereas, previously, the Dr. had no problem with this combination, until I made a stupid mistake.

I feared getting off of the klonopin, because I didn't feel I could go through it at the same time as getting off the suboxone I was taking. I'm STILL going through withdrawals from the suboxone (I wasn't weaned off of it) and it's driving me crazy, really. I've tried switching to a Dr. that the staff of the hospital recommends highly in this area as he is also an "addictionologist" who I've spoken to many times at the hospital.

But my Insurance company is now telling me either the klonopin or the suboxone. I feel that for me, I'd like to get back on the suboxone; I did well on it for 6 months, but don't want to go through any ordeal at this time in getting of the klonopin as well. This particular Dr. has no problem with putting me back on suboxone, just as long as I stay on this low dose of klonopin.

He has even called my insurance company to get on the panel provider list so that I could be covered, however my Insurance Company denied him saying they had plenty of Drs. that can help me. In fact, they don't. I've tried numerous times to get a decent psychiatrist through them; they know nothing about addiction and other problems I am faced with.

My Case Manager thinks I'm drug-seeking when in reality I'm seeking a treatment modality that worked very well for me. I've learned by my mistakes.

I feel a little like John Q, in fighting with the Insurance company; I'd be willing to pay out of pocket for this Dr. if he isn't covered, but unlike previously they refuse to cover the costs of Suboxone treatment unless I get off the Klonopin.

It's been 1 month now about, I'm I'm still shaking from the inside out. My thoughts are leaning toward relapsing which Im desperately trying not to do, but I can't seem to get over this hump. I've been going to meetings, etc. and have even worked the first step, which is something I didn't enjoy doing, but I followed instructions diligently.

All of this is adding to my anxiety/depression. It's unfortunate that can block you from receiving appropriate treatment. Out of pocket for both Dr. and the cost of the medication is just too expensive for me which is the bottom line; however relapsing would be just as expensive if not more.

My Case Manager is a Licensed Family therapist who doesn't seem to know anything about addiction. To say I am drug-seeking for suboxone is just ignorance.

Sorry, I got off-topic, but it helps to air out my frustrations with beauracracies.

[QUOTE=mise ata ann]I am just warning you - your doctors (for the most part) will prescribe them for you without knowing of the dangers and just how many of you were warned about the addiction and long slow withdrawal before you agreed to take the pills? The medical profession (particularly in the US) is profoundly ignorant about the benzos.
Dont say you havent been warned!

Yes, for me that's correct and it's causing me a whole lot of problems now because I have to choose between the klonopin and the suboxone. The Dr. that originally prescribed the klonopin for me, was about 10 years ago, and I have been careful taking 0.5-1mg/day. But a long time. Only had relapsing with vicodin, etc. And now, I HATE being dependent upon this Dr. to even give them to me. He blames everything on my poor choices, which I have made, but takes no responsibility for what he got me started on. I had no clue they were so addictive. I hesitate to get off them now, because Im having a hard enough time getting off the suboxone, etc. that I was on. I don't know what is wrong, but I'm shaking from the inside out, and it's been a month or more. I'm going absolutely crazy.

I feel like I can't make it through another day, since I left intensive day treatment and I'm on my own. Today, I actually had a beer, and I don't even usually drink, but I feel like physically, I'm going mad.

I see another dr. on Thursday (an addictionologist who does prescribe suboxone) but it will be a very expensive ordeal since now my Insurance Co. won't cover it (they were before, before my mistake) and even when I came to the pharmacy just one day earlier to pick up my klonopin script, My Dr. called in only "14" klonopin whereas before has was calling in "90". Why? I don't know. I have to go visit him and fork out another $120 to find out WHY? I've never abused them under his care. So I wound up paying $30 for 14 pills, when it usually was $20 for 90 pills.

He just wrote his second book and I think he's too important now to deal with people like me that can't afford to see him weekly. And he's often late in getting the klonopin to me, and I'm sure he is aware that you just don't stop taking this abruptly.

This does not help my withdrawals right now. I feel the stress of all this and wish I could start all over. I can't switch Insurance Companies until November. Right now I'm a very unhappy camper

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