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Re: Hello banker!!!
May 13, 2004
just got some antibiotics-bad upper-resp..and had to finish my move out of our last home..Ive been trying to help a young family member-his family kicked him out of the house-got a restraining order/etc due to his drinking/drugging-hes 18..hes really isn't out of control-works a job/car etc..but his dad is a religious/hardcore AA guy-who is very abusive.
The mom won't take him in-(too selfish)-this poor kid was flung around his whole life-living w/ the grandparents/mom/dad/friends-horrible parents.
Im trying to convince him to check into rehab-get some info-its too early to say'hes got a problem"-cos many teens party-and grow out of that-of course-some don't /like us.
Basically-hes smokes weed and drinks-but i will say-this is a problem that runs rampant in our family(BTW-his mom still smokes pot-won't admit it)-along w/ depression/bi-polar-
Im just there to listen-give him a place to sleep(hes staying w/ other friends too)-but its always something.Last year his sister was taken out of my house-by the police..she had a breakdown and trashed her grandmothers house-a year later-shes doing well-(just had a child)..oops im blabbing.
I guess what im saying is that im the "cool auntie"-the one who offers tea and advice-and alot of love-so i have young troubled ones/and older friends that use me as there shrink-the sad thing is-im nuts myself.
But always a good listener.Got to be kind and helpful-in this life.
Yes-im still in therapy and take an antidepressant and a benzo for panic attacks-i got several issues of my own-but i
As far as addiction-the sub has given both of us-PERSPECTIVE!!!
I agree-i believe when its time to get off-WE can do it..i don't want to go back to being a ready to grow up.I got a responsibility to my son and myself
I am a big fan of instant gratification too-gimmee results NOW!
But w/ losing weight/exercise etc..its gonna take time-it took 8 months to put on the weight i figure its gonna take about the same to lose it-but im really want to make my life better on all levels-mentally/physically-i want to be that strong women who did go out there-i lived my dream-i got the record deal-i played all over the us/europe..i did it-and i also became the cliche screwed up rock chick..and lost everything cos getting high was more important.I really messed up-
I read one of your posts-that you dreamed of being a rock singer-what kind of stuff do you like?Fave bands?Whose your idea of the coolest rock women??
I love patti smith/chrissie hynde/Janis/kim deal/..just wondering..
Well i blabbed hope i didn't bore you-how is the family doing?Grandma?etc..
i hope you are well-and have a good day today..

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