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Hi MR,

The "sub" you are asking about is the suboxene they gave you in the hospital and the reason you felt great there was that suboxene is an opiate and binds to the same receptors in your brain that the hydros did. The reason you are feeling so bad now, is that the suboxene is more than likely out of your system now and you are experiencing withdrawals.

I was on the sub and the withdrawals from it was worse (to me) than withdrawals from the hydros or should I say they are not quite as intense but last much longer and are harder to "overcome." Especially if you "have alot on your plate" as I did/do.

The sub (suboxene/subutex) is a long-lasting opiate (usually stays in your system about 36 hrs) and is used as it was with you- for a short term detox type setting or for a long period, if not lifetime, maintenance. If one is on it longer than two weeks, he or she will experience withdrawals when coming off of it- they are plenty of people on this board who can vouche for that, so, you have to decide if you can stop the abuse without the aide of this drug or if you feel like you can not stop abusing these drugs, the sub may be an answer for you. But, if that was the case, I would plan on using it for a good while. Using it for just a few weeks and trying to come off (as I did) was AWFUL!!! If I had it to do over, I would have never used it or planned to use it a long period of time so that I could "get myself adjusted."

I am not sure what drugs you are speaking of that you have in your med cabinet, but, if you want to taper or cold-turkey, get your hands on some of the following non-prescription drugs:

- Immodium for tummy problems
- Benedryl for runny nose and water eyes and may help with sleep
- Advil or Tylenol for leg pain, muscle aches
- L-Tyrosine for energy (a vitamin/mineral)

And if possible, get your hands on ONE WEEKS WORTH ONLY of the following prescription drugs:

- Valium or Xanax for shakes, skin crawling, etc, and may help with sleep
- Bentyl for tummy problems and cramps
- Some type of muscle relaxant (Soma, Skelaxin, etc)

Drink plenty of water/gatorade and take lots of hot baths in epson salt and PLEASE try to exercise as much as you can!

I would definately try this route (one more time) before getting on the sub, because the sub is an opiate and you will one day (maybe) have to come off of it. Granted, it has saved lives of certain people on this board and if you just can't stay clean, well, then look into it.

Good luck and God bless,

What dose sub were you on and what were you doing before the sub? I'm about three weeks clean from sub and it really wasn't that hard to come off of. I was on 4 mg for 5 months. I then went to 1 mg for over a month. Played around for awile going from 1/2 mg to 1 and finally started spacing doses longer and longer. I don't take anything else. Maybe the low dose helped me. I am a long time addict. I've kicked more times than I care to recall. Sub wasn't all that bad. Good luck.


Thanks for the caring responses.

I was on 10mg/day for about 6 months. I also took 1 mg klonopin as I have always did. This Dr. did know about the klonopin. However, I made a pretty stupid mistake by ordering valiums from and E-mail out of curiosity. I thought they were the same stength as the klonopin and just wanted to try them and see how they compared.

I told this to the Dr. and his assistant, and they told me they were going to hospitalize me to get off the valium; instead he took me off the suboxone as well, using just a clonidine patch, the normal amount of valium, etc. He told my insurance company that I was abusing the klonopin which is not really correct. So for this mistake, I am paying dearly. And that Dr. is a horrible little man, and even if he did offer me suboxone again, which he has (except this time it's either the suboxone OR the klonopin) and I don't think that's fair since he knew full well that I was taking klonopin resonsibly.

I just want another chance and to see another Dr. who I met at the hospital who will prescriber suboxone (I'm not sure yet) and allow me to continue 1 mg klonopin which is acceptable in his eyes. But I would have to pay out of pocket for both the Dr. and the suboxone now because my Insurance refuses to cover it.

I've learned a lesson and don't plan on ever doing that again..and I was doing so well on the suboxone, so grateful that I didn't drug-seek for the pills, and yet, out of ignorance, my Insurance Company (what I heard from my counselor) thinks I'm drug-seeking because Im trying to find a Dr. that prescribes suboxone. I thought suboxone was a treatment modality that is now available? I'm not drug seeking I'm treatment sinking.

Before the sub, I was taking about 25 vicodin/day and wanted to end the madness. So I went to this Dr. (who I never really saw that much) every week, but my insurance covered both the Dr. and the medication.

I don't know what I'm going through now, but I still wake up trembling and it's driving me crazy. I slipped and took a few old darvocets that I found that I put away for a year....and they helped a little, but they are old and really give me a horrible taste in my mouth.

Given all this, I'm feeling a little helpless and rebellious against the beauracracies, etc. that I almost feel justified in taking things into my own hands, yet I don't want to go down that path of addiction again.

Was thinking of switching Insurance coverage, but I cannot do that until November. My Insurance Company has never been able to give me a decent experienced psychiatrist that is covered and address some complex issues in my life. I've tried on 3 separate occasions and came up with zilch and obviously, noone there seems to understand addiction.

I'm just really feeling miserably and angered by all the blockades. I take full responsibility for the mistake I made, but I know what I lost and I've learned a big lesson from all this.

I REALLY would like to be off all drugs and feel normal, but I don't have the fortitude to do it. I have been going to meetings; they don't help me much. I've worked hard and even done a first step before I left the hospital, but I don't know that telling my life story to a group has helped me physically and mentally.


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