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Re: Hey Root!!
May 13, 2004
Root posted very shortly after he got out of detox, short and sweet.just said that he was doing well,and off of the narcotics and on something else for his at least i knew THAT much, but haven't heard anything since then.Just want to know that things are still going well for him.he is just such a genuine sweet guy,and you just end up liking him so much and of course the worrying starts.

I know i am not the only one who feels that way about him.I just hope your happy Root.please post and tell us how things are going okay? marcia
Re: Hey Root!!
May 14, 2004
Hi Evry One and thanks for asking about me. I will be 30 days clean come this Thursday! My detox was call a rapid detox done over 4 days outpatient. You have to have a suport person with you and you stay in a motel. All I know is I went in on Monday morning and they gave me two shots and I don't remember anything after that until I got home on Saturday. It seem I just slept but my friend who was with me said I talked, watched TV, and ate. Also slept a lot. I don't under stand a lot of this stuff but my detox was just to mainly clean the brain centers for opiates. I had the runs bad for a few days, a little bit of body wds, but mainly very low enrgy, restless legs, and back and leg pain. I also didn't eat much.

Today is the first day I feel I have about 80% of my enrgy back. I never was depresed but I had the blahs and the doc put me on Lexapro. The worst thing for me was the leg thing and no enrgy as I am usualy very active. Then he put me on small dose of zyprexa that he said helps the lexapro and boy does it ever. It has given me my enrgy back and I have no depresion.

I went to the pain clinic on Monday and they did an epidural and for the first time in many weeks I have no back or leg pain. You just can't imagine how good this feels. They will keep doing those kinds of things for as long as they can but the doc says I will eventuly have surgry. I won't because I tell my self over and over a hundred times a day that my back is geting stronger and stronger. My back is healing it self and I will not need any surgry or drugs. I know that sound silly but I know it will work.

So I am 100% drug free and going to either AA or NA at least five nites a week. The people are the greatest and they stand 100% behind me. The one big thing I gain is I am so much closer to God and my sprtual beleifs are so much stronger.

Thanks again for asking about me. I sort of thought you lost intrest in me but I'm glad you didn't. I pray for all of you evry day and it is so worth it to be clean and sober. It makes my heart so warm and hapy I wish I could give some of that to evry one of you.
Re: Hey Root!!
May 18, 2004

I never posted with you but know of you through much of the reading here. Congrats on sobriety! Rapid detox, huh? I was going to go through that, but not after what I found out how much it cost! I live in So Cal and it cost only 10 grand here! I know its cheaper in other states. I was very tempted to do it until I started researching about the Subutex. Decided to go that route instead and so far been 30 hydro and Subutex free! It just feels great!

Its a shame that Rapid Detox has to be so expensive because I believe it can help a lot people with the first 3 days of withdrawls.

The epidurals do definitely take your pain away. Except when I had my baby, it didn't really work for me and I had to have two shots before it was even effective for me!

Take care.

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